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WHO updates its recommendations on the use of masks

The masks have become a garment commonly used in the population in order to prevent contagion of Covid-19. It is true that from the beginning the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) have changed, and this has been for the benefit of people.

Initial recommendations

Since the beginning of the pandemic has been recommended constant hand washing and keep the social distancing, but one of the things that most controversy and debates has caused is the use of masks, in accordance with Health.

At the beginning of this emergency only the use of mask in people who were sick to avoid being will infect or infect others, whether they had Covid-19 or not.

However, as time passed and the scientists made more findings regarding the transmission virus, this recommendation changed. It was not enough for sick people to use it, but that all the population in general I should use it.

New recommendations

Between the new recommendations is wearing the mask in everything moment, even in closed places even if there are no people or if there are only 2 people.

Other places where it should be mandatory are the schools, he public transport, especially if they do not have the ventilation adequate.

Face masks
The use of a face mask is mandatory in many places, so it is good to know how it should be used. Source: Pexels

Another recommendation they make is to try not to use the mask. disposable of use doctor as it could cause a shortage of them in the health area.

Instead, the WHO suggests using reusable masks made with 3 layers of fabric. In this way it also contributes to the environment.

In the field doctor, it is necessary that the personnel working in the hospitals wear the mask all the timeeven if you are alone in a room. Only the doctors and health personnel they should use the mask N95, especially if they are in the area of ​​care for patients with Covid-19.

On the other hand, the WHO does not recommend the use of masks with valves as they are inefficient and they do not protect against contagion.

How to use the mask properly

It is essential to know how use the mask. Although many people already know its use, it can still be noticed that they do not wear it in the way adequate.

First of all, you have to handwashing. The mask must be clean and in good condition. That’s why you have to check it to check that it is not inside. Then you have to put it and adjust in such a way that the chin, nose and mouth are completely covered.

This step is fundamental because it is the one that most people neglect. The mask must cover nose, and be adjusted in such a way that it does not bother.

In the case of people with long hair It is recommended that you pick up. On the other hand, it is essential to have the kit to avoid the contagion of Covid-19. This kit includes antibacterial soap with alcohol and Disposable towels.

Prior to remove the mask, must handwashing with soap and then deposit it in a sachet plastic If not, it will be washed at once. It is recommended wash it immediately and subsequently handwashing.

The use of masks will decrease the risk of contagion, but it is also necessary to comply with the others measurements, you are keeping healthy distance, wash your hands and avoid very crowded.

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