Monday, August 8

Who was Henri Christophe, the rebellious slave who declared himself king of Haiti and built with cow blood the greatest fortress in the West

  • Lioman Lima – @liomanlima
  • BBC News World


Image source, Bode Museum


Christophe even printed coins with his face like a Roman effigy.

The betrayal had been consummated.

The king was in his study, alone, sitting in his gold-inlaid chair.

For the last time, he got up and saw the thick clouds descend with the afternoon on the slopes of the Bishop’s Cap.

The few assistants who were still faithful to him had brought him there, to the imposing peak of his kingdom: the Citadel of Laferrière, the fortress he had built for himself on top of a mountain and which is still the largest ever built in the West.

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