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Who was Jesús Santrich, the former FARC commander who came to the Colombian Congress and decided to return to arms

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Image source, EPA


Jesús Santrich spent 25 years in rebellion in arms, to which he returned in 2019.

He was a FARC commander, initially supported the peace process that led him to the Colombian Congress, and finally died in hiding after having returned to the armed struggle.

Seuxis Paucias Hernández Solarte, alias Jesus Santrich, died this Monday in Venezuelan territory, according to the dissident group of the FARC to which the guerrilla commander belonged.

However, neither the Colombian government nor the Venezuelan government confirmed the news.

After studying law, he joined the armed movement in 1991 and gradually rose through the ranks of the FARC. He remained in rebellion in arms until 2016, when the disarmament agreement was signed with the government of the then president. Juan Manuel Santos.

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