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Who will win gold in Olympic football? Odds, favorites, best bets to win the 2021 men’s tournament in Tokyo

Expect chaos. The Men’s Olympic Soccer Tournament is a different animal when it comes to world soccer competitions.

This is because the trends, sample size, and data that are available to senior national teams over the course of months and years simply do not exist for the teams that will compete for men’s Olympic gold in Tokyo – these are teams. sub-24 gathered only for this competition. Outside of brief qualifying competitions, which in most cases occurred more than a year ago, the players have never played together in a real competition.

Of course, the reason Olympic men’s football has been an age-capped event since 1992 (save for three older wild cards) is so that it doesn’t conflict with the lucrative FIFA Men’s World Cup, which it is held every four years. When professional athletes were allowed to participate in the Olympics, there needed to be a way to differentiate the two competitions.

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While established soccer countries would love to add an Olympic gold to their trophy case, it is not considered a vital competition – the best players are not required to participate, nor are their clubs required to release them. In fact, there are several players who wanted to play in the Olympics, but did not get permission from the club teams who cut their paychecks.

All of the above creates a more level playing field at the Olympics and an attractive multi-tiered tournament. While the final generally features pedigree teams, this competition does not follow the accepted world soccer order: Honduras reached the semi-finals in 2016, Japan and South Korea followed suit in 2012, and Iraq vs. Paraguay was a semi-final in 2004.

If ever there was a tournament to bring a flyer to a couple of outsiders, this is it.

Men’s Olympic Soccer Futures 2021

Bettors are clear: Spain, and his six remnants of the Euro 2021 semifinalist team, is the favorite to win gold. Spain is followed by the other four big names in the competition: Brazil, France, Germany Y Argentina. No wonder: it’s all based on the footballing reputation of the countries. Spain and Brazil have the most stacked squads in the tournament, but until you see the great teams in action, it’s hard to separate them.

The luck of the draw also matters in the soccer tournament: Spain could face Brazil in a quarter-final pair. That’s all the more reason to sideline favorites and focus on two longer shots, which could see your prices drop quickly in some tournament games.

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The Ivory Coast (+5000 to +6600) You won’t get any love in the headlines, but you have a way to the end. Led by AC Milan star Franck Kessie (above), the Ivorians’ style of play – a combination of sublime skill, creativity, size, athleticism and power – will see Brazil and Germany fit into Group D. Spain or Argentina will join they would face something similar. head-to-head problems in an eventual quarter-final, and the semi-final would see Côte d’Ivoire take on one of the best teams on the other side of the table. But the only intimidating team out there is France, and that’s in name only. Ivorians would see it as a battle of equals.

Mexico is another team that is incorrectly priced at +3300 to +4000, and that’s mainly due to the big name (France) and host Japan in their group. But this Mexican team is deep and experienced, many of the players have played games with the senior team, and they have breakthroughs on the roster. If the Mexicans can get out of the group, they can reach a semifinal and they will like their opportunities to be overlooked if one of the powers gets there (Spain, Argentina, Brazil or Germany).

Team DraftKings BetRivers William Hill
Spain +250 +200 +188
Brazil +300 +350 +275
France +450 +600 +500
Germany +650 +800 +800
Argentina +650 +800 +800
Japan +900 +900 +800
Mexico +3300 +2000 +4000
Romania +3300 +3000 +3300
South Korea +3300 +1500 +2000
Ivory Coast +5000 +5000 +6600
Egypt +6600 +8000 +8000
Australia +20000 +25000 +25000
South Africa +25000 +50000 +25000
Honduras +50000 +25000 +20000
Saudi Arabia +50000 +50000 +25000
New Zealand +50000 +25000 +15000

Future Olympians: win a medal

Similar to what they do with the female competition, the US sportsbook. PointsBet has odds in men’s Olympic soccer teams that win a medal. Spain (-325), Brazil (-250) and France (-170) are the only teams with less money.

If you did not like that the Ivory Coast or Mexico won the tournament, taking them to the medal could be more attractive: Mexico, directed by Diego Lainez (below), is priced at +1200 and the Ivory Coast to +1600.

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Japan (+400) Y South Korea (+500)They both have a single bronze medal in soccer in their Olympic history, but they also have a history of falling short in international competition and failing to make the big play when they need it most against the best teams. But if a leading star emerges for either of them, they could overcome the hurdle in this competition and add a second soccer medal. They are on the right side of the bracket to do it.

Future Olympians: Group Winners

Which teams can definitely win your pool and are bettors definitely not giving them a real shot? Well, it’s those two teams again: the Ivory Coast (+600 to +1000) in Group D and Mexico (+350 to +400) in Group A.

Group B is the weakest group of all, but the international reputation of Honduras – the senior men’s team is ranked 67th in the world – moves to its Olympic award to win the group (+500 to +600). But this Honduran team has done relatively well in recent Olympic tournaments, finishing second in the group stage in both 2012 and 2016. It is very possible that they will finish short again this time, but there is a good chance that the Hondurans go into the final matchday against South Korea with a shot at the top of the group.

A reminder that Honduras eliminated the United States Olympic team during qualifying. The Catrachos will view Romania, South Korea and New Zealand as winnable games.

Group A

Team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points Bet
France -140 -106 -110 -135
Japan +275 +190 +210 +250
Mexico +350 +400 +400 +400
South Africa +1600 +1700 +1600 +1200

B Group

Team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points Bet
South Korea +115 +100 +110 +100
Romania +210 +275 +225 +275
New Zealand +400 +450 +450 +350
Honduras +600 +500 +600 +600

Group C

Team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points Bet
Spain -160 -155 -150 -155
Argentina +190 +225 +225 +225
Egypt +1000 +800 +900 +700
Australia +1200 +1000 +1000 +1000

Group D

Team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill Points Bet
Brazil -145 -143 -150 -125
Germany +145 +175 +200 +175
Ivory Coast +1000 +800 +800 +600
Saudi Arabia +2000 +1700 +1600 +1400

Top scorer

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BetRivers has odds in the men’s Olympic competition top scorer, and the list below features players with odds of +1000 or less.

Assuming a deep run in the tournament, the Brazilian winger Richarlison (+1000) He might be the most interesting name in the group, even ahead of his teammate and center forward Matheus Cunha (+500). It was dangerous for a conservative Brazilian team in the Copa América. If this Brazilian Olympic team is more expressive and attacking mentality, and it won’t take much to pull that off by comparison, then Richarlison (above) should get his share of looks on goal. Also, given Richarlison’s seniority, one would imagine that he would be the one to take the penalty kicks in the game.

Out of this group of main contenders, Spain Dani Olmo (+1500) It could be an interesting play if you think the Spaniards will go ahead with their favorite gold medal title and dominate the competition on their way to the final. His runs into the area from open or retired positions made him a threat to Spain during Euro 2021.

Team BetRivers
Andre-Pierre Gignac (FRA) +500
Matheus Cunha (BRA) +500
Adolfo Gaich (ARG) +800
Hwang Ui-Jo (KOR) +800
Max Kruse (GER) +800
Daizen Maeda (JAP) +800
Marco Asensio (ESP) +1000
Ezequiel Ship (ARG) +1000
Gabriel Martinelli (BRA) +1000
Ritsu Doan (JAP) +1000
Richarlison (BRA) +1000

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