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Who won the most Olympic gold medals in swimming? Tokyo 2021 Games final medal count

Olympic swimming has come to an end after eight exciting days of action.

This year, there was no singular swimmer who dominated the world stage the way Michael Phelps did every time he hit the water, but American Caeleb Dressel was close. Dressel racked up many medals, collecting five in total, all gold, and Katie Ledecky took two golds and one silver on her third trip to the Summer Olympics.

The United States, as expected, took the most medals overall, but it was a close fight for the most gold medals between the United States and Australia.

Sporting News tracked who had the most gold medals and which nations led the overall tally.

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Which swimmers won the most gold medals?

In all, 13 swimmers won multiple gold medals, but two swimmers stood out above the rest.

Caeleb Dressel made history by joining Mark Spitz, Matt Biondi and Michael Phelps as the only male swimmers to win five gold medals at the same Olympics.

And he did it in a dominant way. He set an individual world record in the 100 meter butterfly and was part of a relay team that set a world record in the men’s 4×100 meter medley. He also set Olympic records in the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle races.

Not only did Australian Emma McKeown win the most gold medals of any swimmer, with her four in total, she also tied the record with seven medals overall by a female athlete, matching the mark of Ukrainian gymnast Maria Gorokhovskya of 1952. No swimmer has won seven medals in a single Olympiad.

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Which countries won the most gold medals?

If it was about who has won the most medals overall, it wasn’t a competition. America went just too deep and apparently added a medal at all other events.

The race for gold, however, came down to the cable between the United States and Australia. Coming to the last day in the pool, the United States had eight gold medals, while the Australians had seven. By the time the swim competition ended, the Americans had given themselves additional space in the gold medal tally, winning three to Australia’s two on the final day of racing. The United States finished with 11 gold medals.

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Olympic swimming summary

Do you want to relive the excitement of each day of the Olympic Games? See the highlights and results for each day during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.

For those in need of an update, this is how the events were divided each day of the Olympics.

Saturday July 24

Tomorrow Night
400 men’s singles medley (heats) 400-Man Individual Combine (Finals)
100 female butterfly (heats) 100 female butterflies (semifinals)
400 freestyle men (heats) 400 men’s freestyle (finals)
400 Women’s Singles Combine (Heats) 400 Women’s Individual Combine (Finals)
100 men’s breaststroke (heats) 100 men’s breaststroke (semi-finals)
Women’s Freestyle 4×100 Relay (Playoffs) Women’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay (Finals)

Sunday July 25

Tomorrow Night
100 backstroke, women (heats) 100 female butterflies (final)
200 freestyle men (heats) 200 men’s freestyle (semi-finals)
100 breaststroke, women (heats) 100 breaststroke, women (semi-finals)
100 men’s backstroke (heats) 100 men’s breaststroke (finals)
400 freestyle women (heats) 400 Freestyle Women (Finals)
Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay (Heats) 100 backstroke, men (semi-finals)
100 women’s backstroke (semi-finals)
Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay (Finals)

Monday July 26

Tomorrow Night
200 freestyle women (heats) 200 freestyle women (semi-finals)
200 male butterfly (heats) 200 men’s freestyle (finals)
200 Women’s Individual Medley (Heats) 100 back, women (finals)
1,500 women freestyle (heats) 100 back, men (finals)
100 breaststroke, women (finals)
200 men’s butterfly (semifinals)
200 Women’s Individual Medley (Semifinals)

Tuesday July 27

Tomorrow Night
100 Freestyle Men (Heats) 100 freestyle men (semi-finals)
200 female butterfly (heats) 200 Freestyle Women (Finals)
200 men’s breaststroke (heats) 200 male butterfly (finals)
Men’s 4×200 Freestyle Relay (Heats) 200 women’s butterfly (semifinals)
Men’s 800 Freestyle (Heats) 200 breaststroke, men (semi-finals)
200 Women’s Individual Medley (Finals)
1500 Women’s Freestyle (Finals)
Men’s 4×200 Freestyle Relay (Finals)

Wednesday July 28

Tomorrow Night
100 Freestyle Women (Heats) 800 men’s freestyle (finals)
200 backstroke, men (heats) 200 breaststroke, men (finals)
200 breaststroke, women (heats) 100 freestyle women (semi-finals)
200 men’s singles medley (heats) 200 backstroke, men (semi-finals)
Women’s 4×200 Freestyle Relay (Playoffs) 200 female butterfly (finals)
100 men’s freestyle (finals)
200 breaststroke, women (semi-finals)
200 men’s singles medley (semi-finals)
Women’s 4×200 Freestyle Relay (Finals)

Thursday July 29

Tomorrow Night
Women’s 800 Freestyle (Heats) 100 male butterflies (semifinals)
100 male butterflies (eliminatory) 200 breaststroke, women (finals)
200 backstroke, women (heats) 200 back, men (finals)
Mixed 4×100 Relay (Playoffs) 100 Freestyle Women (Finals)
200 men’s singles medley (finals)
200 backstroke, women (semi-finals)

Friday July 30

Tomorrow Night
50 men’s freestyle (heats) 100 male butterfly (finals)
50 freestyle women (heats) 200 back, women (finals)
1500 Men’s Freestyle (Heats) 800 female freestyle (finals)
Women’s 4×100 Combined Relay (Playoffs) 50 men’s freestyle (semi-finals)
Men’s 4×100 Combined Relay (Playoffs) 50 women’s freestyle (semi-finals)
Mixed 4×100 Medley Relay (Finals)

Saturday July 31

50 men’s freestyle (finals)
50 female freestyle (finals)
1500 Men’s Freestyle (Finals)
4×100 Combined Relay, Women (Finals)
Men’s 4×100 Combination Relay (Finals)

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