Monday, June 5

‘Who’s Who’, a directory of companies that radiographs the Region


LA VERDAD and ENAE present a magazine that analyzes the economic fabric of the Community and that will be delivered free of charge this Sunday along with the newspaper


The business sector of the Region is in luck. Yesterday the presentation event of ‘Who’s Who’ was held, a business directory that brings together more than 1,490 companies from across the Region. The promoters of the project, LA VERDAD and ENAE, wanted to make an x-ray of the productive and business fabric of the Region, show its strengths and highlight its present and future challenges.

The initiative, which is sponsored by Caixabank, the Cajamurcia Foundation and Quirónsalud, and the collaboration of Hidrogea, Gran Thornton, the Regional Assembly, the Murcia Region Development Institute and Axexor, is a continuity project that will be delivered free of charge. to the readers of LA VERDAD with the purchase of the newspaper this Sunday, December 5.

The purpose of this initiative is, therefore, to value the regional business fabric and create synergies between the companies that comprise it, «in order to promote its development, serving as an analysis tool to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Region, know the challenges that lie ahead and generate business opportunities “, emphasizes the president of ENAE, Antonio Ballester. With this objective, ‘Who is Who’ was born as a continuity project that in this edition includes more than 140 pages distributed in a simple and functional way to acquire a more detailed knowledge about the sectors that make up the Community’s economy. It is also, therefore, a way to position the companies that compose it on the map, which can help attract future investment to the Region of Murcia.

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As an added value, the new LA VERDAD publication has information on each of the sectors and stands of prominent representatives of Murcian society in the political, economic, cultural and academic spheres, who know closely the sectors to which they belong and can provide an accurate and current view of each of them. Among the people who sign these pages are the director of LA VERDAD, Alberto Aguirre de Cárcer; the president of the Business University Foundation of the Region of Murcia, Antonio Ballester; the president of the Autonomous Community, Fernando López Miras; the president of the Regional Assembly, Alberto Castillo Baños; the president of Croem, José María Albarracín; the president of the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia, María Dolores Muñoz; the counselor of Cajamar, Bartolomé Viudez; the managing partner of Gran Thornton, Arturo López; the president of the Cajamurcia Foundation, Carlos Egea Krauel; the CEO of Grupo Huertas, Francisco Vidal; the territorial director of Caixabank in the Region of Murcia, Olga García; the president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Region of Murcia, Miguel López; the general director of the ICA, Ramón Palazón; the president of the Escombreras Valley Business Association, Antonio Maestre; the general director of ENAE Bussiness School, Miguel López González de León; the president of Grupo Fuertes, Tomás Fuertes; the dean of the Official College of Chemists of the Region of Murcia, María Fuensanta Máximo; the president of Frecom, José Hernández; the director of the Institute of Promotion of the Region of Murcia, Joaquín Gómez; the general director of Disfrimur, Juan Jesús Sánchez; the general director of LA VERDAD, Antonio Pitera; the CEO of Salzillo Global; Ginés Heredia; the president of Fremm, Alfonso Hernández; the medical director of the Hospital Quirónsalud Murcia, Pilar Jiménez; the CEO of Hidrogea, Juan José Alonso, and the technical director of the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Murcia, Jesús Pacheco.

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The companies included have been divided into 21 sectors, which are: Public Administration; Agriculture, aquaculture, livestock and others; Advising, consulting and audits; Associations and foundations; Automotive; Banking, financial services and insurance; Trade and distribution; Culture, sports and leisure; Energy and Infrastructures; Training, education and business schools; Agri-food industry; Chemical and pharmaceutical industry; Real estate, construction and construction auxiliary; Innovation, technology and telecommunications; Logistics and Transportation; Media, advertising and image agencies; Other service and auxiliary companies; Industry and manufacturing; Health, health and well-being; Water supply and management, and Tourism and restoration.

A ‘magazine’ event

The Promenade hall was yesterday the setting chosen for the presentation of the magazine ‘Who’s Who’. The event brought together a large group of representatives of companies from all productive sectors, as well as authorities and prominent members of the Region from all areas, such as the president of the Autonomous Community, Fernando López Miras, and that of the Regional Assembly , Alberto Castillo. Those attending the event were presented at the exit with a volume of the publication, which will be available to all readers of LA VERDAD for free this Sunday, along with the newspaper of the day, where there will also be a chronicle and images of this event.

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