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Why a fourth stimulus check is problematic for Biden in Congress

President Biden is focused on the next steps in his economic plan.

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The negotiation of the third stimulus check with the American Rescue Plan (ARP) was a tough battle even among Democrats, which put the distribution of $ 1,400 dollars to Americans at risk, therefore the push of a fourth and even fifth check is , for now, a wish with few possibilities.

Although more than 80 Democratic congressmen believe that it is necessary to send additional aid to lift 28 million people out of poverty, the president’s government Joe Biden is focused on other aspects that impact the overall economy, including the fiscal year 2021 budget.

The Biden Administration has four priorities, the aforementioned budget, the American Jobs Plan, the Plan for American Families and the immigration reformTherefore, putting a fourth stimulus check on the table could further halt the negotiations for the high-impact economic package in the next three years of government.

The deputy director of the National Economic Council, Sameera Fazili, pointed out at a press conference that the Biden Administration seeks to re-boost the economy from various fronts, therefore a plan was implemented on how to maintain the product distribution chain, while the battle against the pandemic of COVID-19 is advancing in the world, largely due to the economic reactivation of the US.

The United States is clearly the engine of global growth right now. Our economy has revived and the rest of the world is being driven by our successes here, ”he said. “The economy is fundamentally in a position of strength, but this president has constantly said that what we have to do is take advantage of this moment to rebuild better ”.

He argued that those “vulnerabilities” refer to areas not served, such as ensuring that there are equal opportunities for all, such as people of color, including Latinos.

“When we talk about weaknesses and vulnerabilities in this report, we have identified long-term structural problems that have accumulated over time in our economy,” he said. That’s why this president has been asking Congress to take action on his American Jobs Plan Y American Families Plan, because what we need now is a transformative investment to make sure we can really grow. “

Fazili did not mention a fourth stimulus check, but highlighted the advancement of vaccination in the country, although it still does not reach the 70 percent of immunized adults that President Biden intends by July 4. The official’s position confirms that the plans focus on economic projects in addition to the ARP.

“In this same period, last year we had empty grocery shelves and we had people starving. And thanks to the President’s American Rescue Plan we have people who were finally able to be there moving again, visiting families this summer and going out to eat, “he said. “We are grateful for that and for the success of our vaccination strategy against COVID.”

He noted that President Biden’s entire economic team is focused on the “sprints” necessary to implement his new plans, including negotiations with Congress.

And the congressmen?

After the May 17 letter from seven representatives, no other congressman has joined the pressure on the Biden Administration to support a fourth stimulus check.

The letter that was promoted by the representative Jimmy Gomez (California) and signed by six other members of the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives, it did not have the endorsement of the chairman of that panel, Richard Neal (Massachusetts).

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