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Why are legislative elections important in France?

After the presidential elections culminated at the end of April with the victory of Emmanuel Macron, France face another important electoral appointment the next two weeks. The Sunday June 12 is celebrated the first round of legislative elections, where will they be chosen 577 deputies of the National Assembly for the 16th legislature of the French Fifth Republic. The french parliament it is bicameral and is composed of Senate and the National Assembly.

Despite the fact that the victory of the current French president was clear and assures him five more years at the Elysée – he won with 58% of the votes for the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen (41.6%)-, does not automatically guarantee control of the National Assembly. That is why these are essential Parliamentary electionwhere an unexpected unitary alliance of the left (formed by the Untamed France, the Socialist Party, the Greens and the Communists), calls into question the parliamentary majority of Macron’s party and removes from the board with a stroke of the pen the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

The leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, After coming third in the presidential race with 22% and some 400,000 votes short of overtaking Marine Le Pen, he has managed to recompose and unify the left in a turn on the French political scene that was unexpected just a few months ago. In this context, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, third in the past presidential elections, will opt for the position of Prime Minister with the intention of imposing, if he wins, a cohabitation government.

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Two laps

Since 1986, the National Assembly has 577 deputieselected by direct universal suffrage with runoff -two rounds if in the first no candidate obtains a majority- for a period of five years. Just as it happens in the presidential election, the legislative ones work by a system of two returns with majority of votes. This means that only one person is voted for and if no candidate obtains an absolute majority in the first round (with at least 25% participation), a second round is organized. 289 seats are required to reach the majority that would avoid the second round

But the big difference with respect to the presidential elections is that there may be more than two candidates in the second round. All candidates who have obtained at least 12.5% ​​of the census votes. This may involve the passage of three or even four candidates.

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A total of 566 deputies come from constituencies in France and overseas and 11 representatives from French residents abroad (grouped by geographical area).

These two electoral appointments are planned for the days June 12 and 19. . The work of the National Assembly is to vote the laws, control the action of the Government and assess public policies. It is located in the Bourbon Palacein the 7th district of Paris, on the left bank of the Seine, in a building that since 1799 has housed all the lower chambers of the French Parliament.


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