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Why are turkey eggs not eaten

A turkey egg can cost more than $ 3 each, and they are characterized by having much richer and creamier yolks.

A turkey egg can cost more than $ 3 each, and they are characterized by having much richer and creamier yolks.

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Sure, we all know that one of the hottest food topics of the season is turkey. Not only is it the star protagonist of Thanksgiving dinner and numerous Christmas celebrations, much has been said about its nutritional, medicinal properties and immense versatility. Based on this, it has become a popular dish throughout the year: not for nothing is it the fourth most consumed meat in the US, behind chicken, beef and pork. Despite its fame, turkey eggs are missing from supermarket shelves and even specialty grocery stores. It is a detail that draws the attention of many people, finally if turkey meat is so beneficial Why don’t we usually eat the eggs? The first thing we have to say is that it is an issue that apparently has nothing to do with its edibility. Turkey eggs reportedly taste as good as chicken eggs, or even better; however the eggs laid by this all-American bird are impractical to produce.

According to Modern Farmer references, selling turkey eggs is not economically viable for most farmers that they are already raising birds for the slaughterhouse. And one of the main reasons is that mature females lay a maximum of two eggs per week. If we compare this data with chickens and ducks, which produce approximately one egg a day; the answer speaks for itself. The reality is that it is very unprofitable to sell turkey eggs.

A very curious fact in this regard and that is directly related to it, is that turkeys live longer than chickens and therefore need more time to reach the age of laying eggs: around 7 months instead of 5. In addition, turkeys, being large birds, also need more space and food to live on a farm compared to their smaller relatives, that is, chickens. So it is important to consider the time and resources necessary to produce them, for example: turkey eggs end up costing more than $ 3 each, or nearly double the average price of a box of a dozen chicken eggs.

Yes OK, many fancy foods that are considered gourmet sell for more than $ 3, many people wonder if turkey eggs are worth this certainly outrageous cost. About their taste, people who have tried them claim that they taste similar to chicken eggs, which is much cheaper. Which means they are probably not worth that much. Another point that is essential to mention is that the biggest difference between turkey and chicken eggs is the size. Turkey eggs are slightly larger; they also have a harder shell and thicker membrane.

According to some insiders, turkey eggs offer some advantages over their more affordable counterparts. According to some studies, it has been confirmed that turkey egg yolks are richer and creamier. And that is why many chefs claim that they are ideal in the preparation of sauces and mayonnaise. There is a rather interesting reference in which Victorian-era celebrity chef Alexis Soyer claimed that they were also better for baking than chicken eggs.

So now you know if you are interested in trying turkey eggs, they are completely delicious and beneficial, nutritionally and medicinally. You will simply have to make the effort to acquire them since they are not commonly found in popular supermarkets. Bet on looking for them in local farms and some organic stores, finally they are the perfect complement to create different recipes and dishes.

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