Sunday, September 25

“Why are we willing to live with this carnage?”

  • The president of the United States asks after the last school shooting to “transform pain into action” and urges to “stand up” before the industry and the arms lobi

  • Democrats will take to the Senate, without approval expectations, gun control initiatives that Republicans have blocked

Like millions of Americans, the President of the United States, Joe Bidenit has been declared this Tuesday “Fed up” of violence with firearms after the shooting this Tuesday at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old boy has taken the life of 18 children Already one of the teachers of the center after having also shot at his Grandma.

In a brief and passionate speech at the White House, the president urged “turn pain into action” and has urged “stand up” against the arms industry. “As a nation we have to ask ourselves when, in the name of God, are we going to stand up to the lobi of weapons”, Biden said verbatim, who has accused the manufacturers of “having spent two decades doing aggressively marketing assault weaponswhich are the ones that give them more and more profit”.

No executive action

The intervention of the Democrat, however, has not included no proposal to use executive power to advance gun control regulation. Nor has he made any reference to the possibility of ending the filibusterthe practice that in a Senate currently divided 50-50 now allows Republicans, extreme and dogmatic in the staunch defense of the second amendmentblock any legislation in this regard.

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Despite this situation, the Democratic leader in the SenateChuck Schumer, has begun the process to put to the vote this week two bills that have already been approved in the Lower House and that the Republicans have blocked. those initiatives would tighten history controlsl before being able to buy a gun online or at fairs and would also lengthen the waiting period needed for someone who causes alarm to be investigated by the FBI before being authorized to purchase.

Nothing indicates that 10 Republicans, despite the horror and shock at the latest tragedy, will give the necessary support to the legislation.

An American blight

Why are we willing to live with this carnagewhy we keep letting this happen?”, has raised in one of the moments of indignation Biden, who has also assured that it can have an “impact” and has recalled that when a veto assault weapons shootings were down, then up again, tripling, when that ban expired.

Related news

Just landed from his five-day official trip to Asia, on the 17-hour plane ride back he has been informed of the latest school massacre. And the president says that in that time he has reflected that “this type of mass shootings rarely happen anywhere else in the world”. Other countries, he has pointed out, “have mental health issues, domestic disputes, people who are missing, but these kinds of shootings never happen.” with the frequency with what happens in the US”.

“It is time to act, it’s time for those who obstruct or delay or block common sense gun control laws to know that we will not forget, ”Biden has also said. “We can do much more, we have to do more”.

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