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Why building muscle mass is important to overall health

Muscle mass plays a key role in overall health, a role that goes beyond strength and physical appearance. Muscle mass is closely linked to metabolic health, which makes it so important to develop it.

We will now talk about the importance of muscle mass for our general well-being, the role of strength exercises in increasing muscle mass, and some valuable tips to develop it.

1. The relationship of muscle mass to metabolic health

Javier ButragueƱo Revenga, a graduate in physical education, indicates that muscle plays a fundamental role in metabolic health and, therefore, in metabolism. According to him, in recent decades it has been verified that skeletal muscle functions as an endocrine organ capable of producing and secreting hundreds of myokines that exert their effects in response to physical exercise.

On the other hand, he adds that muscle mass can improve protein synthesis, decrease sarcopenia, chronic low-grade inflammation and lipotoxicity. In addition, it would be able to increase insulin sensitivity and improve immune function.

2. With what methods can you gain muscle mass?

Strength exercises are known to have benefits that are also backed by scientific evidence. However, many are the people who opt for cardio exercises because they consider that it is the best way to stay in shape and lose weight. The above is only partly true. ButragueƱo points out that strength exercises improve muscle functionality, facilitating daily activities such as climbing stairs, jumping, running, lifting weights, and so on.

Strength exercises promote the development of muscle mass. Photo: Shutterstock

Nevertheless, resistance exercises also represent a significant metabolic expenditure and an increase in insulin sensitivity, and helps to lose weight in the visceral area. Faced with this, the specialist proposes that we practice both strength and cardio exercises in order to receive the benefits that both modalities can bring us, taking into account that strength exercises will help us more to gain muscle mass.

3. How to gain muscle mass

The specialist proposes to pay special attention to a series of variables to gain muscle mass more effectively. These variables are:

  • Type of muscle action
  • Intensity and volume of charge
  • Type of exercise
  • Exercise duration
  • Recovery processes

These factors must be accompanied by a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients for muscle development. In this sense, the diet must have important sources of protein.

Now that you know what role muscle mass plays in your health, it is important start with a Exercise routine optimal for muscle mass gain. You can easily accomplish this on your own, or with a personal trainer.

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