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Why Canada has a strategic reserve of maple syrup (whose barrel is worth 20 times more than one of oil)

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Maple syrup bottles.

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Maple syrup production can be affected by variations in climate.

Shortly after several countries, led by the United States, announced that they would release part of their strategic oil reserves to alleviate pressure on the energy markets, in Canada they decided to use another type of strategic reserve, unique in the world, and much sweeter than raw: honey or maple syrup.

The Qu├ębec Maple Syrup Producers Federation (QMSP) announced that it will release some 22,000 tonnes from its Global Strategic Reserve to prevent shortages, also known as maple syrup (or maple, by the English name) of this product on the market.

The conjunction of an increase in demand in the last two years and a harvest less than that of the previous ones had raised fears about problems in the supply of this syrup, which is made with the sap of maples and is used as a side to pancakes.

An early thaw and the arrival of unusually warm temperatures in April contributed to production this year reaching 60,000 tonnes, substantially lower than 79,000 in 2020.

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