Saturday, October 16

Why Colombia is in an unprecedented scenario (and what it can mean for the future of the country)

  • Daniel Pardo
  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Colombia

A confrontation between police and protesters in Colombia

Image source, Getty Images

Police and transportation stations burned. Roads cut for days. Product shortages. An unknown number of dead and missing. A state of uncertainty and acute nervousness.

Colombia has experienced many delicate moments throughout its traumatic history, but now he seems to be traveling an unknown path in at least three different areas: the social protest, la economics and political representation.

There were moments in the past that broke history in two such as the wave of violence that preceded the signing of the 1991 Constitution or the riots of 1948 after the assassination of candidate Jorge Eliécer Gaitán that gave rise to the guerrillas.

The outcome of the current crisis is unknown and that is why it is difficult to enter into comparisons about its historical relevance.

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