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Why did Kendall Hinton play QB for the Broncos? Reviewing Denver WR’s 2020 Start As A Pointer vs. Saints

One thing some people may remember about the quarterback issues the Broncos dealt with during the 2020 NFL season. In fact, one week, they had no available quarterbacks on the roster.

After all of their quarterbacks were exposed to COVID-19, the Broncos were desperate for someone to replace the Saints in Week 12.

That person? Wide receiver Kendall Hinton.

Hinton was an undrafted free agent from Wake Forest, where he played quarterback for three seasons and then wide receiver for two seasons. He entered the Broncos 90-man training camp roster but was cut in September 2020. He later rejoined their practice squad on November 4, 2020, just weeks before he ended up making his unexpected debut. in the NFL.

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Here’s a look at Hinton’s performance last year, along with how he’s doing this season as a wide receiver.

Why did Kendall Hinton start as QB for the Broncos?

When quarterback Jeff Driskel tested positive for COVID-19 in late November 2020, it was revealed that Drew Lock, Brett Rypien and Blake Bortles were in close contact with him and were not wearing masks. They were ruled out for Denver’s Week 12 game against the Saints because they had violated the NFL’s COVID protocol.

The Broncos were desperate for position, so they called up Hinton from their practice squad. Since Hinton had played quarterback for three years at Wake Forest, the Broncos allowed him to take over for the week. The Broncos wanted the game postponed, but the NFL refused to do so because the team’s quarterbacks had knowingly broken COVID protocol.

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Kendall Hinton QB Stats

The 31-3 loss to the Saints ended up being Hinton’s only game in 2020. He completed only one of nine passes for 13 yards. On top of that, he threw two interceptions. Plus, he rushed for seven yards and didn’t score any touchdowns.

Hinton didn’t let this explosive game get in the way of improving his wide receiver skills this season.

“I knew (the New Orleans game) would probably be my last game as a quarterback,” Hinton said. via The Denver Post. “But I also knew there was a lot of work to be done at wide receiver … I knew I had potential and that if I continued to develop, you never know where you’ll be.”

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How Kendall Hinton did in 2021

As a wide receiver this year, Hinton has appeared in four games. In his first game this season against the Jaguars in Week 2, which the Broncos won 23-13, he had 15 receiving yards for a reception. He missed the Week 3 win over the Jets, but has played in the most recent three games since then.

Against the Ravens, Hinton had 13 yards; Against the Steelers, he had 25 yards and a touchdown (the only one of his NFL career to date); and, against the Raiders, he caught five passes for 37 yards.


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