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Why did the Jets trade Joe Flacco? New York’s backup quarterback’s situation is very, very confusing

From New York to Philadelphia to New York, Joe Flacco is now very familiar with the Jersey Turnpike.

A few days after Zach Wilson was sidelined with a knee injury, the Jets made a move to bring Flacco back, something that confused many fans and curious analysts about the situation. It turns out that they had every right to be curious.

Flacco had spent time on the 2020 Jets team, backing Sam Darnold and making a few starts since Darnold fell through injury. After an offseason of wondering if GM Joe Douglas was going to bring in a veteran passer, it took seven weeks (and one injury) for that to happen.

Here’s why the move to bring Flacco back was baffling:

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Why did the Jets trade Joe Flacco?

The easy answer is why the Jets traded Joe Flacco because Zach Wilson was injured and the Jets needed a QB2. There is also the added benefit that Flacco, as a veteran, can help Wilson with the system New York is running.

As a starter with the Broncos in 2019, Flacco is familiar with the Shanahan system, a variation of which the Jets are running in New York. In 2014, Gary Kubiak, known for running the Shanny system, was Flacco’s offensive coordinator in Baltimore.

Sounds simple and easy, right? Incorrect. With the Jets, it’s never that simple.

Why Joe Flacco’s Trading Was Confusing

With Wilson injured, the Jets were signing up Mike White (QB2) with veteran passer Josh Johnson on the practice team. Head coach Robert Saleh was asked about acquiring Flacco, and the answer was a bit confusing:

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The main reason the Flacco acquisition was a bit odd revolves around timing: The trade was made during the week Wilson was injured, but the Jets knew Flacco wouldn’t be able to practice with the team until Friday at the trade time.

Because of that, Flacco would be inactive for Sunday’s game against the Bengals, leading to White as a starter (and subsequently lighting up the NFL), with Johnson elevated from the practice team as a backup.

To that end, since Wilson is not placed on the injured reserve list (which would have forced him to miss a minimum of three games in weeks 8, 9, and 10), the current expectation is that Wilson can return in the week 10 against the team. Bills, and at the very least, he will probably practice that week.

That means at most, at the time of the trade, Flacco may have had a chance to start, just one game, the Week 9 “Thursday Night Football” showdown with the Colts.

It turns out that White’s performance in the win over the Bengals earned him the start Thursday night, with Flacco probably behind him on the depth chart now, and he probably won’t get a chance to start after all.

Saleh reiterated the Jets’ need to keep quarterback space strong, and also said the team

The Jets were crushed for their decision not to bring in a veteran quarterback before the start of the 2021 season, but reports indicated, and Saleh strongly suggested that Flacco decided to sign with the Eagles over the Jets, given he felt one more opportunity. strong. to start.

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“I can’t speak for Joe Flacco on that,” Saleh said of Flacco’s decision to sign with the Eagles. “Obviously, as a free agent, he has opportunities and the decisions he makes are personal.”

Whatever the case, Flacco is once again a Jet, and those EZPass bills are piling up.

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