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Why do you have to keep the car or mobile battery between 20% and 80%?

When a brand tells us about the recharge capacity of his new electric car, he almost always gives us examples between 20% and 80%. And it does it for two reasons: first, because the battery must be kept between these values ​​if you want prolong its useful life; and second, because we will be saving time on recharging. We explain why.

Never let your car or mobile battery drop below 20%

the two main battery hatersBattery, whether car, mobile or any other device, are the temperature and stress, two factors that are also related to each other. When the charge drops below 20%, the battery begins to ‘stress’, which is detrimental to its lifespan if repeated frequently. Nothing happens because from time to time we let the charge drop to 20% or 10%, even if we turn off our mobile or our car is left lying around because there are no energy reserves left. But it can become a problem if it happens regularly. It even has a certain parallelism with the reserve of gasoline in the car: it is not bad that from time to time it goes into reserve, but the less it does, the better. If we want to maintain the useful life of our car batteries as much as possible, it is best that we avoid, as much as possible, that the charge drops below 20%..

Charging the battery to 80% is better than 100%

As we said at the beginning, brands usually place load values of its electric vehicles between 20 and 80%. We have already explained the reason for the minimum value and now it is time to know where the upper threshold comes from. And for this we are going to make a very graphic example.

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The battery could be compared to a large room in which the floor is completely covered by egg cups, the energy is golf balls and the load power the amount of these that we can launch per second. At the beginning of the load, that is to say, taking the 20% that we have mentioned before, it is easy for the artificial intelligence of the battery to find a hole for each one of the many balls that enter per minute, since there are many free holes, and therefore the charging goes as fast as it can. and so it happens up to about 80%, where it is already more complicated to find a free space for the balls that continue to fall. If the same load intensity is maintained, the battery gets stressed trying to find these holes and overheats, causing the battery life to be reduced.

Fortunately, the most modern chargers already have systems that reduce charging power automatically, so that the number of ‘balls’ that enter per minute is reduced and thus reduce stress on the battery, by having more time to find free holes. That is why the brands offer the charging times of their cars up to 80%, since from that percentage loading becomes much slower; so much so that it takes the same or even longer time to achieve that last 20% than the time it took to charge the previous 60%.

In addition, with the enormous capacity that electric car batteries offer today, with 80% of them, there is already more than enough autonomy to cover the daily travel needs of almost any user.

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