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Why does Penélope Cruz eat salt during filming?

Penélope Cruz went this Wednesday with Jessica Chastain to the program ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ on the occasion of the premiere of the film ‘Agents 355’ and explained the curious habit that the interpreter has between meals.

Chastain revealed on the popular ‘talk show’, that during filming he had caught the Madrid woman putting handfuls of salt in her mouth. Although the protagonist of ‘Parallel Mothers’ did not take long to explain the reason for this practice: “My cardiologist told me to do it because I have very low blood pressure, but it has to be the right kind of salt”, explained the Oscar winner, “because salt is rich in sodium and this is beneficial for raising blood pressure,” she explained.

The truth is that many stars have strange customs with food behind the scenes. For example, Robert Pattinson, the most mediatic vampire in history, does not hide from his obsession with candy even when he is on set. In fact, as the actor has told on several occasions, he always carries ‘Toast Crunch’ cereal packages with him to constantly taste them.

Another star addicted to sugar is Nicole Kidman. “I don’t eat sweets every day, but when I work I can manage to eat a piece of cake four times a week. I eat healthy, but I have a certain weakness for sweets and chocolate”, the Australian confessed to ‘People’.

For her part, the singer Katy Perry has also acknowledged in several interviews that she feels the need to eat something sweet when she goes on stage, and that she is so afraid that sugar will cause cavities that she brushes her teeth obsessively, a minimum six times a day.

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The manias of Mariah Carey they are somewhat more extravagant than those of her companions, when she travels the interpreter always asks for a dozen ampoules of Fiji water; several bottles of Chardonnay, a dozen regular and sugar-free Coca-Colas, a dozen vanilla protein drinks, Pellegrino mineral water, several lemons and honey, as well as several packages of sugar-free gum.

Another habit that the diva has is that during the break from her concerts she feels the need to eat a menu of cheeseburgers, ‘nuggets’ and fries. His passion for ‘fast food’ is such that this Christmas he has even starred in a campaign for McDonald’s.

Kitchen open 24 hours

Beyoncé has acknowledged on many occasions that she likes to eat in a variety of ways, but that among her favorite delicacies is baked chicken with broccoli and spinach, garlic, salt and pepper, which she usually cooks on her tours. While Lady Gaga is in the habit of drinking hot tea with lemon before and after their performances.

During the time that her contract with Pepsi lasted, the protagonist of ‘The House of Gucci’ asked that there be no Coca Cola in her dressing room and on her long trips she asks her production team to bring a bowl of whole grains, low-calorie bread, hummus and guacamole. Likewise, claim a kitchen service available 24 hours a day so that a freshly cooked dish is served at any time accompanied by a couple of bottles of white wine, organic ginger tea, 14 packs of Red Bull light, an assortment of cheeses and a fresh fruit mix with seeds.

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And lastly, Madonna just like Joaquim Phoenix, Natalie Portman y Benedict Cumberbatch, who have declared themselves openly vegan, often simplify their culinary preferences on the set by sampling guacamole, sautéed vegetables, rye bread and vegetable proteins.

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