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Why does Sanchez submit to Maduro?

Saturday, April 3, 2021 – 01:37

Foreign is trying to please Chavismo in full scandal over the incomprehensible rescue of the Plus Ultra airline.

E. M.

The irrelevance in which Spain is falling on the international stage since Pedro Sanchez arrived at La Moncloa is explained by many reasons, one of them, his errtica poltica with respect to Latin America, where our country should exercise a leadership that is neither there nor expected. Quite the opposite. Nobody understands what strategy this Government has to intensify bilateral relations with the region to which so many cultural, historical and economic ties unite us, and to

take center stage in support of ongoing pro-democratic processes, such as that of


. Sanchez’s new surrender of pleasa to the tyrant

Nicols Maduro

It embarrasses all Spaniards while confirming the schizophrenia and the politics of tumbles that are characterizing Foreign. Moncloa is obliged, first of all, to give convincing explanations of why she has sent, by surprise, to the

number two

of this Ministry to pay tribute to the Bolivarian hierarchs. Although we already know that accountability goes wrong with this government. But most of all

What is urgent is a rectification of Sanchez’s dangerous bet on friends so undesirable that they may end up completely eroding our international credit.


Cristina Gallach

, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, has visited Caracas this week in full

Controversy over the Moncloa rescue scandal to the Plus Ultra airline

, whose directors are linked to the Chavista regime. From the case it still seems that we only know the tip of the iceberg and, in addition to the investigation that will have to be carried out until the end in our country, we already know that it is examined with a magnifying glass in Brussels. But, in addition, this strange trip has taken place just a few weeks after his boss, the minister herself

Gonzlez Laya

, will travel to Colombia. Your endorsement of this country by

regularization of a million Venezuelan migrants

Of the many who have fled poverty and Chavista tyranny, including a visit to the troubled border area with Venezuela, Maduro was deeply irritated, who soon threatened our government with reprisals. As we see, Sanchez has not taken long to rectify with a genuine surrender to the Bolivarian tyrant. And we can only wonder why.

Moncloa owes so much to the Chavista regime, does he fear him so much?

The derision is such that Gallach met with the same

Delcy Rodrguez

, despite the fact that Maduro’s deputy is on the EU sanctions list against Venezuelan leaders for violating human rights and undermining democracy. Of course, Minister Balos did not care to receive her and entertain her in Barajas, knowing that it is forbidden to set foot on community territory. A matter the


which remains unclear.

The collusion between the PSOE and Podemos government with Maduro is an infamy and increasingly distances us from democracies like the US



He is not willing to loosen the sanctions against Caracas as long as the tyranny does not give way and has begun his mandate with gestures of support for the Venezuelan opposition and its leader.

Juan Guaid

. Then we wonder why the new White House tenant doesn’t call Sanchez.

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