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Why Gun Demand Might Increase After the Colorado and Atlanta Shootings

After 18 people died within a week after shootings at massage parlors in Atlanta and a supermarket in Boulder, lawmakers are calling for stricter regulation of firearms. which could lead to an increase in sales.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden asked Congress to pass gun control legislation that Democrats introduced earlier this month. “I do not need to wait another minute, much less an hour, to take common sense measures that will save lives in the future,” said the president in addition to calling for the strengthening of the background check system.

Why is the demand for weapons increasing?

In the United States, the arms market has seen an increase in demand as authorities and legislators discuss the introduction of stricter regulation. Fear of future restrictions has led gun owners to stock up on more guns and ammunition.

During January 2013 gun sales soared in the weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which left 27 people dead, most of them children. At the time, former President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress pushed for stricter federal gun control measures that stalled in the Senate.

Vendors again increased sales of accessories that allow shooters to fire semi-automatic rifles continuously with a single trigger after the 2017 Las Vegas massacre that left 58 people dead.

According to the Bloomberg agency, arms sales increased by 12.6% in February 2018 after the massacre of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Institute of Parkland in Florida.

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During the Capitol uprising in January of this year and before President Biden’s inauguration, the firearms industry set a sales record during January, according to the criminal background check data report.

According to the FBI report dealers sold more than 2 million firearms in January representing an increase of 75%compared to the 1.2 million sold in January 2020.

While in October 2020, gun sales by first-time buyers soared amid fears of unrest during election day, as well as social unrest that recorded record numbers last year.

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