Monday, August 2

Why hyaluronic acid is so desired (and how real are its anti-aging effects)

  • Daniel Fernandez-Villa
  • The Conversation*

Woman applies hyaluronic acid on her face.

Image source, Getty Images


Interest in hyaluronic acid has grown considerably in recent years.

Can you imagine an ancestor of ours having a smoothie detox after gorging on a mammoth? Or injecting Botox to look younger than the one in the adjoining cavern? It would have been a sight to see, right?

Now, what if they had Instagram to share it with the rest of the world?

Concern for our physique has evolved with us as if it were another species, but it has not been until our time that constant exposure to that ideal canon has converged, for example, on social networks, and the scientific-technical capacity to achieve it.

In this way, there are already several studies that relate the emergence in our lives of these applications with an increase in concern about our appearance, the number of aesthetic operations performed and, what is really serious, the number of cases of depression due to non-self-acceptance.

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