Saturday, December 4

Why identifying the origin of infectious diseases is one of the greatest revolutions of humanity

  • Maria Blasco Marhuenda
  • The Conversation*

Two female scientists in a laboratory


Without science we would not have been able to advance in the control of infectious diseases

A determining milestone in the advancement of human civilization has been to recognize that diseases do not respond to a supernatural origin or are the result of “bad airs”, but rather have a tangible and real origin.

And that only knowing this origin can we prevent and cure them.

A paradigm of this milestone has been infectious diseases, because in this case the first step to combat them has always been know their origin, the pathogen that produces them.

The year 2020 will go down in history by covid-19 pandemic, showing that infectious diseases are not a thing of the past and that they can even help us to be more effective in biomedical research.

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