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Why if you received the first stimulus check, you won’t necessarily receive the second

Why if you received the first stimulus check, you won't necessarily receive the second

Stimulus check.

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Now that the Congress has already approved the second package of the stimulus billmillions of Americans hope that the president Donald Trump I sign and enact it so that the economic benefits begin to flow.

One of the most anticipated is the direct check, which was approved by $ 600 dollars and not for $ 1,200 like the first package approved last March.

The second $ 900 billion stimulus package was approved Tuesday night by Congress, after weeks of discussions.

Not everyone qualifies for the second stimulus check

This new economic aid for millions of people, mostly follows the same guidelines for its delivery, but there are slight changes that could leave out many families that benefited from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (known as Ley CARES).

And it is that not because you have been benefited with the first stimulus check, it is certain that you are eligible for the second stimulus check of $ 600 dollars, just approved by Congress.

This time, the amount is half of the $ 1,200 received by the CARES Act.

But this time another $ 600 per dependent child will be awarded, previously it was $ 500.

Now with the new rules, some people will no longer qualify for the second stimulus check, mainly those who are not under the age of 16, the age limit to be a qualified dependent.

An example published by the cnet site is the case of a single person, who has no dependent children, and who obtained adjusted gross income (AIG) between $ 75,000 and $ 95,000, would have benefited from the first $ 1,200 stimulus check, but the same will not happen to qualify for the second stimulus check.

Since to qualify now, income must be equal to or less than $ 75,000 per year per person, and $ 150,000 in the case of couples.

This time again dependents over 16 years old are excluded and students under 24 years of age.

And is that the CARES Act it did not consider as eligible students 17 years of age or older, despite the fact that they lived at the domicile of their parents and dependents.

Legislators were pushing for these students and dependents in that age range to be considered to be beneficiaries of the resources, they were not successful.

What was approved is the aid for dependent children from $ 500 to $ 600.

Another of the new rules in the recently approved stimulus package is that couples where one of the two is a resident foreigner can also qualify for the second direct check of $ 600 dollars.

Follow the rule change

The second stimulus check may not arrive for those who owe up to $ 150 in child support payments.

The government gives states the right to garnish the amount it had to pay to those eligible, if it has child support debts, so the money owed will be deducted from the second stimulus check if it qualifies.

It is also important that if you move house, notify the authorities of the change of address, since you are eligible for a second stimulus check on IRS will send the $ 600 dollars to the address you have registered.

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