Monday, October 25

Why in 2020 more dollars were created than ever (and what consequences it will have for the economies of Latin America)

  • Cristina J. Orgaz @cjorgaz
  • BBC World News


In 2020 almost 24% more dollars were created.

An avalanche of dollars in the world’s leading economy. So we could imagine what exactly has happened in the United States in the last year.

The stimuli launched by the Donald Trump government to alleviate the effects of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus included the sending of substantial checks to workers or generous loans to companies.

A is fiscal expenditure of the public coffers the efforts of the Federal Reserve were added to maintain the liquidity of the banking system and that the entities could continue lending.

But that money did not come out of a vault. It was created of its own to be able to face the situation.

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