Saturday, December 4

Why is it so hard for us to apologize?

  • Ines Serrano Fernandez
  • The Conversation*

An upset couple sitting on a couch

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We often look for ways to avoid apologizing.

At the end of the 70s, Elton John sang that of Sorry seems to be de hardest word. It is one of his most emblematic songs. The title focuses the attention on the subject we want to discuss: sometimes saying “I’m sorry” seems the hardest thing to say.

Apologizing is difficult and for that reason, if necessary, we try to implement all kinds of strategies to avoid it.

Some examples are giving explanations of what happened (trying to make the offended person understand the reasons why they acted in a certain way), downplaying what happened, joking about it, making excuses (not assuming responsibility), avoiding talking about it. fear or pretend nothing has happened.

But these options do not achieve the facilitating effect of forgiveness that apologies have.

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