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Why is it the best time to perform laser hair removal treatments?

The Gentle Lase Pro laser can be used on all phototypes.

The Gentle Lase Pro laser can be used on all phototypes.

In numerous stands we have made reference to the importance of laser treatments during winter. The reason is very simple: treating with laser implies having a extreme caution with sun exposure due to the risk of burns or hyperpigmentation, either before treatment or after respectively.

Have a wide range of laser technology makes it possible for the patient who wants a long-lasting and effective hair removal to have it at their fingertips, since today we have the platform that allows hair removal even when the star is at its best. The Gentle Lase Pro laser can be used on all phototypes, adapting the doses to each type of skin. It is a fast, long-lasting and painless laser as it incorporates a beam of cold air that lowers the temperature of the skin to minimize discomfort. The appetite of laser light for the follicle makes its removal easy and long-lasting.

But, despite having this extensive technology that allows us to be perfect at any time of the year, for when the spring / summer time, in which multiple social events such as weddings and communions make us uncover and show our skin, we want to look perfect.

And for that to be possible, we must now start our laser treatments. Several sessions will be needed before reducing the amount of hair and these sessions will be spaced apart for the prudent time so as not to produce skin lesions. If we want to look perfect for when we discover our skin, now is the time, now we have to start treating. Even so, we play with the advantage of being able to give a review session close to summer even if we have already sunbathed, as long as we use the appropriate technology at all times.

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I must emphasize the fact that when we talk about hair removal we tend to talk about large areas such as legs, arms and the center of the chest or back in men, but the face is an important part to take into account, especially in women, since you can give them back self-esteem Y improve your quality of life if unwanted hair is removed that on certain occasions you can limit gestures as simple as kissing someone or putting your hair in a ponytail.

In all the cases mentioned, it is important, as has been mentioned in other forums, that the condition of the skin is adequate to be treated with a medical laser for hair removal. This implies a hydration appropriate, which will guarantee a much more optimal result of the treatment chosen in each case and consequently a degree of satisfaction much greater on the part of the patient.

Aesthetic Dermatology Center Building in Alicante.

And even if only in passing, the importance of laser treatment in some pathologies such as hirsutism (excess hair in certain areas), folliculitis (inflammation of the follicles, which subsides when the hair is removed), nevus hairy, in which it is aesthetically annoying to see the hair inside the mole and in which there is the possibility of medical laser hair removal treatment, or even in sacral fistulas, which improve extraordinarily after laser treatment.

For the ones general results of laser hair removal are optimal and the evolution is as expected, review sessions should be carried out every 1 or 2 years depending on the particular evolution of each patient and their type of hair and skin.

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On Dermatological Center, we will be happy to assess which is the most appropriate medical laser technology in your case. Remember that our team of professionals in the laser hair removal unit we are at your disposal at any time of the year, treating any type of hair on any type of skin. As always, available to satisfy our patients.

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