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Why is mezcal taken in candle glass?

Why is mezcal taken in candle glass?

The small candle glasses are characterized by being crystalline and wide-mouthed, fundamental aspects to distinguish the qualities of a good mezcal.

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In recent years the mezcal took a special place in the gastronomic field and particularly the world of mixology, the truth is that its popularity has not only been relevant to Nacional level and today it is considered a valuable mexican legacy Worldwide.

Mezcal is one of the most iconic products of Mexican culture, is a agricultural and artisan product that over the years has come to position itself as one of the most popular spirits and consumed in Mexico. Like tequila, mezcal is a agave distillate a popular plant belonging to the ancient family Agavaceae and which are characterized by their extensive growth throughout the Mexican republic.

The truth is a decade ago mezcal was a little known liquor outside of some typical areas of Mexico where produced locally and that they have Appellation of origin as is the case of Oaxaca, Michoacán, Durango, Guerrero, San Luis Potosí, among others.

In such a way that its consumption was not even close comparable to tequila and therefore was not listed as a product of prestige or interest, in fact he enjoyed a certain bad reputation since they considered it as an alcohol for workers Y farmers. Mezcal was originally a distillate that it was given to the miners as part of their Laboral benefits, since they had the belief that alcohol gave them more courage and strength to face the long and infamous working hours.

Today you are stories are a thing of the past and mezcal has become one of the most fashionable drinks and that he has finally received the recognition he deserves, as an extraordinary organic, artisan product and of great therapeutic power. Based on this, all kinds of mixology recipes to taste it; However, the lovers and scholars of this legendary and special drink recommend consume it alone, accompanied with some fresh orange slices and the typical worm salt. In such a way that you can fully enjoy your aromas Y flavors, which reflect a lot about their elaboration process.

Surely you have seen as part of the current mixology trend, which usually present it in beautiful cups Y little horses. However, in recent years it has become very popular to consume it in candle glasses Do you know the reason? We invite you to continue reading.

In the beginning the practice of consuming mezcal in candle glasses, it was considered desecration and the reason is that in the mezcal towns like Pilcaya the Etúcuaro they began to take advantage of these glass cups to drink mezcal. In fact, the popular phrase was born from this custom “Until I see the cross” since at the bottom of the glasses of the candles there is a small cross. The truth is that these practical containers they were not only used for practice prayer in churches, because little by little they were incorporated as an emblematic element to serve mezcal in bares Y canteens.

We currently have a lot of relevant information about the fascinating world of mezcal and we know that this ancient tradition to take advantage of the candle glasses to serve the precise amount of mezcal, it is also a custom that favors tasting of the product. One of the main reasons is that as it is a wide mouth container, allows to appreciate much more in detail the aromas and flavors of each variant of mezcal and also many master tasters point out that lighten the impact of alcoholic vapor. In addition, the crystalline tone of the candle glasses allows you to appreciate the actual tone of the drink.

Additionally we leave you a list of simple tips to enjoy much more the experience of tasting a mezcal:

  • It is important serve the mezcal at room temperature, in such a way that it is possible to distinguish all its notes. In fact it is normal that in some places rfry or freeze distillates, which is sometimes a bad trick to hide production defects.
  • Always try to taste it in a little glass Y wide mouth, is the right way to appreciate your original qualities.
  • First give it a small sip and then to enjoy it you can accompany it with a slice of citrus preferably orange and a touch of worm salt.
Candle glass
Candle glass. / Photo: Pixabay

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