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Why is milk thistle the new trend to lose weight naturally?

Milk thistle (Sylybummarianum) Also known as milk thistle, lechero or lechero thistle, it is a plant that shines for its therapeutic properties and receives its peculiar name from the white veins of its large spiny leaves. Much of the therapeutic benefits of milk thistle are related to its content in a active ingredient called silymarin which is extracted from the seeds of the plant and is considered the main responsible for its medicinal benefits thanks to its immense antioxidant properties. It is considered one of the oldest herbal remedies and has been used for hundreds of years to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, with special emphasis on liver and gallbladder diseases. bile. What’s new is that it has recently been promoted as a powerful natural tool for promote weight loss.

In recent years milk thistle has been considered a great natural supplement to accelerate weight loss and although it is true that there is much research to be done, it is associated with some benefits that are worth mentioning. In principle, it shines for its qualities to increase the loss of fat and thereby improve body composition. In fact, a recent study evaluated the positive effects of using milk thistle extract to combat obesity. The research was carried out by Frontiers in Pharmacology (Switzerland) in obese mice, which were divided into two groups and consumed similar amounts of food. Mice that received milk thistle lost about 5% of their weight, while the control group continued to gain weight throughout the study. Complementary to this, there are several smaller studies, carried out in humans in which the effects of milk thistle on certain metabolic symptoms associated with obesity, such as insulin resistance and inflammation.

Although, it is true that there are many studies to be done on the specific benefits of milk thistle consumption, in weight loss and its potential to burn fat. Not in vain for decades herbalists and enthusiasts of naturopathic trends have used it as an effective herbal infusion to benefit weight loss and in fact there is a scientific basis that proves it.

One of the most obvious causes of weight gain is eating more and thereby increasing caloric intake. It is well known that during digestion, the liver and gallbladder must process food. What happens is that the liver is the master gland that organizes the breakdown of fat by producing enzymes called lipases. When the level of fat consumed in a meal exceeds the level of enzymes that are created to break it down, the liver has to up-regulate its production of enzymes. This may take a few days to occur. Meanwhile, fat is mainly stored and not used for energy.

The good news is that simultaneously taking an herb that helps the liver and gallbladder in the digestion of fattier and more caloric foodsThis benefit in turn promotes the purification of the body and the elimination of waste products. In short, milk thistle stimulates the body to operate more efficiently. And with this, weight loss is greatly benefited. The metabolism will increase considerably, which leads to a greater burning of extra fat.

In a way you could say that milk thistle is the perfect herb to eliminate any additional demand for processed fat. Based on this, it has been discovered that his list of benefits related to weight loss is long, among the most notable aspects are:

– Milk thistle is a great herbal ally for improve the digestive process and accelerate intestinal transit. Good digestion ensures optimal weight loss.

– It is a powerful herbal remedy to alleviate heavy digestions and above all a great ally to counteract excess food and drink.

– Drinking it as an infusion is a good slimming remedy, which hydrates the body while promoting its proper purification. It is perfect for eliminating excess fats, salts, toxins and retained liquids.

– Is a powerful diuretic and natural detoxifying agent. Improves kidney function and cleanses the kidneys.

– The active compound in milk thistle, silymarin, has been found to work similarly to some diabetes medications by helping to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar. Adequate glucose control is a fundamental and very determining aspect when we want to lose weight.

– It is an herb that shines for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which promote good health in many aspects. One of the main ones is that fight chronic inflammation the risk of obesity is reduced.

– Milk thistle is also known for its benefits to regulate the high cholesterol and triglyceride levelss. While the greatest goodness around this point is its cardiovascular properties, having a good balance in lipid levels also benefits weight loss.

How to consume milk thistle to lose weight?

The most popular use of milk thistle for weight loss is to drink it in herbal infusion. Since in this way it also considerably benefits digestion, which is important to lose weight. It is recommended to use a small spoonful of dried herb for each cup of water, boil for no more than 5 minutes, rest and consume hot. The infusion dose is three glasses a day, one before each main meal.

For those who have little patience to consume the infusion, they can also consume milk thistle extract (with a percentage of 70% silymarin). In the form of 100 mg capsules, one before each meal and always with an adequate intake of water and natural liquids.

Although there are no miracle foods or remedies as such, nature is wise and puts powerful elements within our reach that result in great ally to lose weight and gain health. Remember that proper medical supervision is always important and consuming this type of remedy in addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet.

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