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Why is New York called “The Big Apple”?

There are different theories as to why New York is called “The Big Apple”.

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New York City is known by different nicknames, but the most popular is “the Big Apple“; But why is it called that and where does the name come from?

New York is the most populous city in the United States with more than 8.6 million inhabitants, which is known worldwide as The big Apple, The Big Apple in English.

On the Internet there are different theories about why New York is called The Big Apple, nickname with which most of the people relate to this important financial center; however, few are “accepted”, which together, strengthen this nickname.

It is worth mentioning that the state of New York is the second largest producer of apples in the United States, after the state of Washington, however, the production of fruits has little to do with the nickname of this city.

The big apples

One of the most accepted versions is the one that originated in the twenties, specifically in the musical world of Jazz.

In the jargon of those musicians it was common for them to use the word “apple” as a synonym for a city; for example, they classified cities with little apples, big apples, and rotten apples.

Naturally these terms refer to a classification depending on “the importance” of the city where they would play; for example, if they played in a “small block”, they obviously meant a small city, not like that, if they played in a “Big Apple”; the last, “rotten apples”, refers to a troubled city or a place where they knew in advance how little success they would have.

Although cities like New Orleans or Chicago were considered “big blocks”, only New York had the great title of “The Big Apple ”, since this city is where the most notable Jazz clubs were to be found in the twenties.Furthermore, the nickname took hold due to the fact that in the thirties a dance with that name emerged, referring to New York.

In New York there were the most notable jazz clubs of the 1920s. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Big Apple and the horses

Although the history of the nickname originating in Jazz is very convincing, there is another that is recognized as the official version and this has to do with horse racing.

It is said, then, that the nickname “The Big Apple” has its origin in horse racingAfter sportswriter John Fitz Gerald wrote a column for the New York Morning Telegraph about the many horse races and racetracks in New York, a term that quickly caught on.

It was also in the 1920s when the journalist heard some stable boys in New Orleans say that they were going to “The Big Apple”, making reference to New York, whose leads were the most important at that time.

In addition, experts in horse racing know that the term “big apple” refers to the best prize won in money.

Thus, the riders began to refer to all the competitions in New York City as “The Big Apple”, due to the high amounts of prizes.

Riders began to refer to all competitions in New York City as “The Big Apple.” (Photo: Getty Images)

The tourist campaign

Although the term was used frequently, it took on much more relevance when, in the 1970s, a tourist campaign to improve New York’s image took up the nickname, internationalizing it.

The Big Apple ”, in every sense, is a nickname that gives respect to the city, both for locals and for those who do not hesitate to think of New York when hearing the nickname.

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