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Why it’s a good idea to buy the Xbox Series S now (besides being cheaper than ever)

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If the Xbox Series S catches your attention because of its price, we will tell you some of the reasons why it is worth buying this Microsoft console.

There are problems, many problems in the technology sector when it comes to the supply of essential components such as chips and graphics cards, something that especially affects the gaming sector.

It is the main reason why buying a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X is a utopiasomething that makes the Xbox Series S more and more attractive, which is also cheaper, since you can buy it normally for €299 or for only €275 right now in a store like Amazon.

There are many reasons why the Xbox Series S is worth it, and we have been able to verify it in its original analysis, in addition to the review we have given to its benefits in 2022, which has reaffirmed that this All Digital console from Microsoft has a very attractive price with or without offer.

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We have reviewed several of the strengths it has and why buying it now can be a good decision, especially if the Game Pass catalog seems attractive to you.

We must not lose sight of the fact that its price is already much more affordable than that of other consoles.

There is no PS5 or Series X stock and this is a good way to wait

One would think that over the months and years, the number of PS5 and Xbox Series X would finally increase, but not only has this not been the case, but it seems that it is the other way around and that it is increasingly difficult to find a next generation console.

That makes it, considering the price of the Series S, a good way to wait for the bottlenecks to be solved, since despite having its limitations, it is a console that allows you to run any new game without problems, at least those in the Microsoft catalog.

For 275 euros few hitches can be put. It’s a equivalent price for example to that of Nintendo Switch (the model that is not OLED).

The Game Pass catalog makes it the ideal support to try all kinds of games for very little money

Game Pass is a subscription video game service that has been sweeping the last few years, and for good reason. First on Windows PC and Xbox, now it is also available on all kinds of iOS and Android devices thanks to the cloud game of the xCloud project, which we have been able to test and which is a real revolution.

The price for the month of Game Pass Ultimate is 12.99 euros and gives you access to hundreds of games of all kinds and genres, with and without installation (some of them you can run directly in the cloud) and with Microsoft releases included in launch, as has happened for example with the latest installment of Halo.

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If you are a gamer, subscribing to Game Pass is one of the best decisions you can play. If you have an Xbox it is directly essential and it is also one of the key reasons to buy a Microsoft console.

Although not even close to 4K, it has a good performance with Ray Tracing

One of the most important handicaps of Xbox Series S is that its resolution is not close to 4K, something that is directly reserved for Series X, although the performance is excellent when moving any game, yes, in Full HD or 2K as much.

That said, it does have Ray Tracing, which adds a touch of quality to the graphics of games that support it.

Obviously, if you have a quality and large 4K TV, it is better to get a Series X or a PS5, but given that it is impossible, 2K can work for you.

Its size is much more compact than that of the most powerful consoles on the market

Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s digital console, an Xbox that shares the catalog and many features of Xbox Series X, but less powerful and focused on services such as Game Pass.

One of the surprises of the new generation of consoles is that their size is very, very large, so they practically need a shelf to themselves, at least in the case of PlayStation and Series X.

That does not happen with the Series S, and we have been able to verify it. It is much smaller and has a similar size to previous generations without negatively affecting its ability to cool down.

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