Thursday, September 23

Why Kamala Harris’s First Trip to Latin America as Vice President of the United States Ended in Criticism and Controversy

  • Gerardo Lissardy
  • BBC News World, New York

Kamala Harris

Image source, Getty Images


Kamala Harris made her first trip abroad in Guatemala and Mexico as vice president of the United States.

At the end of her tour of Guatemala and Mexico this Tuesday, Kamala Harris launched a sudden self-balance on her first trip abroad as vice president of the United States: “Do I declare that this trip was a success?

As an example of the “progress” achieved, Harris cited from the creation of a US government task force to help Guatemala fight corruption, to the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Mexico to improve living conditions. in central America.

The goal of these and other Harris announcements is to address the causes of migration from the region to the US in order to reduce it, a task that President Joe Biden gave him.

However, Harris’s trip has concluded without great news in US policy toward its southern neighbors.

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