Sunday, June 20

Why Mandalika, the place destined to become “Indonesia’s new paradise”, is in the spotlight

  • Valdya Baraputri
  • BBC News

Playa Mandalika

Image source, Getty Images


Mandalika certainly seems like a place worth going to. It is located near the island of Bali.

Let’s think of crystal clear waters, wide white sand beaches, palm trees and a green mountain in the background.

Now that travel has become a distant memory for most due to the covid-19 pandemic, this idea seems like a tourist’s dream come true.

And this idea is exactly what the Indonesian government wants to come to mind when it comes to Mandalika, the diamond in the rough of tourism that has been called “the new Bali.”

But the program to develop a luxurious resort there, supported largely by the government, He has received complaints of human rights violations.

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