Saturday, October 16

Why mangroves are vital to combat the effects of climate change (and how the Dominican Republic fights to conserve them)

  • Lucia Blasco
  • BBC News World

Mangroves in Los Haitises, Dominican Republic.

Image source, DEA / V. GIANNELLA / Getty Images


Mangroves are one of the most fascinating ecosystems on our planet. The ones in this image are in Los Haitises, Dominican Republic.

Imagine a forest. You probably visualize a lush green jungle. Maybe a park of giant sequoias. Or you may be imagining a pine grove with tall trees against the blue sky.

But there is a type of saltwater flooded forests and mudflats, with strange trees that are home to swarms of mosquitoes that we often despise and that, however, are one of the most fascinating ecosystems on our planet: mangroves.

“Usually, mangroves suffer from a bad image and a bad perception,” Dominican biologist Andrea Thomen, project manager for Grupo Jaragua, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving island biodiversity, tells BBC Mundo.

“They are considered dirty places full of mosquitoes. Where you might want to see a beach, you find this type of area that is very little appreciated by people in general. But the reality is that have a greater value than previously believed“.

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