Thursday, October 21

Why QAnon’s Followers Are So Obsessed With March 4 That They Forced Increased Security In Washington

  • By Shayan Sardarizadeh
  • BBC Monitoring


Jacob Anthony Chansley, better known as “Q Shaman”, has been convicted of the riots on the Capitol.

Their hero is no longer the president, but some followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory have clung to old and irrelevant laws in an attempt to keep the faith.

Six weeks have passed since the president’s inauguration Joe Biden, and it seems that Donald Trump’s best chance of regaining the presidency could be in the 2024 election.

However, some of his fervent followers, who support the unfounded conspiracy theory QAnon, they believe that he will return sooner and, somehow, the March 4.

In Washington they are attentive to the possible movements of these extremist groups. Therefore, this Thursday, security was reinforced at the United States Capitol in response to “a possible plot to rape” building.

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