Wednesday, October 20

Why Republicans Shifted To Include Stimulus Check In Economic Package

For the past few months, influential Republican leaders like him spokesperson for that majority in the Senate, Mith McConnell, they had expressed reluctance to vote in favor of an economic package for coronavirus that included new stimulus checks.

However, as by magic yesterday the wills changed to make way for a second round of direct payments to the millions of Americans affected by the coronavirus.

Although it is highly unlikely that the inclusion of the last minute stimulus check issue in the bipartisan $ 908 billion draft presented in the Senate will involve disbursing payments of $ 1,200 as guaranteed by the CARES Act, recipients of a second round could receive at least $ 600 dollars. The amount per person would be supplemented with credits for dependents, although the figure is not clear at the moment.

The reasons for adding provisions that make a second round of checks possible is more political emergency than health, judging by the reports available at the time.

Impact of Georgia Senate Seats

National media such as Forbes point out that the main reason for Republicans to bend over backwards is the battle for the two senatorial seats in Georgia to be decided in a second round in January.

The willingness of McConnell and his allies to endorse a stimulus plan with direct payments would send a signal to voters in that state that Republicans are committed to providing new aid and rescuing the economy.

Both members of that delegation and the Democrat are betting they will prevail in the race.

But the results of the election are extremely important since they will determine which of the two parties will have a majority in the legislative body, and, therefore, greater control of legislation and procedures.

Stimulus checks unite Republican and Democratic voters

After all, the issue of new checks is one of the least that divides constituents regardless of which party they back, according to a Gallup poll conducted last August.

The Franklin Templeton-Gallup Economics of Recovery Study revealed that a majority of Democrats and Republicans favor sending a second stimulus check.

The study found that seven out of 10 Americans (70%) favor the government sending new economic impact payments such as those that began to be distributed in April under the CARES Act.

If the results are divided between Democrats and Republicans, 82% of the former favor the distribution of more checks; while in the case of the latter, the figure is 64%.

Moved to cut out more funds to states

On the other hand, the approval of new stimulus checks would leave politicians of both parties at the state level in better conditions before supporters if more funds are not finally given to local governments as part of new legislation, an issue that separates the parties. who negotiate the measure.

Legislators continue talks in the federal Congress today to try to reach an agreement on or before this Friday when the deadline to approve financing that avoids a federal government shutdown (spending law) expires.

Congressmen seek to tie a new stimulus bill to the spending bill. However, the above is not determined.

Leaders like McConnell have indicated that they would extend legislative work after Friday until a happy end that leads to the approval of more coronavirus aid.

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