Monday, July 4

Why Rogue Workers Are the Source of Great Ideas

  • Loizos Heracleous y David Robson
  • BBC Creativity Collective

Launch of a NASA space shuttle

Image source, Getty Images


A group of “rebels” made it possible to modernize NASA’s space program.

In the 1980s, a group of young engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston warned that the Apollo-era control systems of the 1960s would struggle to handle the more complex challenges of flying the shuttle. space.

The engineers’ concerns fell on deaf ears. NASA knew and trusted the Apollo-era systems, which had successfully sent humans to the Moon.

Undeterred, the group of renegades, who later called themselves “the Pirates”, began coding new software for mission control subsystems in his spare time, using equipment borrowed from NASA vendors.

Their system was based on workstations that were commercially available, connected through a Unix network, which ‘hackers’ considered a more resilient and adaptable configuration.

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