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Why should we avoid ultra-processed foods?

Many times, when we go to the supermarket we look for ready-to-eat products, some of them processed, which is not bad at all. However, there are the ultra-processed ones, and these we should avoid at all costs.

Processed foods are not all the same, according to the BioguideIn fact, there are some whose natural processing is healthy, such as nuts. But Why should we avoid ultra-processed foods?

What are ultra-processed foods

Some foods are processed to preserve them and last longer. This means that they suffer an alteration in their components. You may be add additives whose origin is industrial and are not completely healthy.

Other foods are treated with refining or processing methods that cause them to lose some of the nutrients they originally had. Others are modified so that they are ready and only have to go through the microwave without having to prepare them.

However, processing food is not a bad thing in itself, and it is a process that is very old. Nevertheless, industrial procedures are those that have made them become a health risk.

This is where ultra-processed foods come in. These are made with ingredients that have been previously modified and are therefore not fresh. One of its characteristics is that are rich in industrial additives.

Among them are flavorings and preservatives. The higher the degree of processing, the less nutritional value the product will have. In other words, they are completely artificial products and do not provide essential nutrients to the diet.

Processed foods
Many sausages have preservatives that make their consumption a health risk factor. Source: Shutterstock

Characteristics of ultra-processed foods

The nutritional quality is very bad, since have a high caloric content and their nutritional level is very low.

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They are addictive and tasty. This is so that people consume them. Which represents a bad diet in the case of many individuals.

Something to be careful about is that they are very similar to nutritious foods And they are usually presented as healthy foods when in fact they are not.

On the other hand, are destructive, not only at the health level, but also at the environmental, economic and social level. Many of these foods are inexpensive, and that is why many people decide to consume them, especially if they do not have the resources to buy quality food.

Others decide to acquire them because they are easy to prepare or they come ready to eat. However, consuming them in excess makes us prone to diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, obesity, among others.

Ultra-processed foods

To recognize these products, just look at their labels. There we will see that most of its ingredients are artificial colors, flavorings, preservatives, binders, among others.

These products include instant or fast food soups, cookies, snacks, cold cuts and sausages, prepared pizzas, hamburgers and other fast food products, as well as packaged sweets and ice cream.

We must also be careful with energy drinks and other products that are sold as supplements to our diet. It is important to avoid this type of food as much as possible for our own well-being.

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