Friday, November 26

Why small talk is so important to our mental health (and how to avoid agony)

  • Laura Plitt
  • BBC News World

Women talking in the office

Image source, Getty Images


Returning to the office to work has many advantages. Chatting with colleagues about unimportant things is one of them.

Typical. There are things that you don’t value until you lose them.

And one of those that were lost, at least temporarily during the pandemic, and many of us began to miss, is what is known in English as small talk.

Are those conversations casual that we hang out with strangers or people we barely know by sight, in line for the bus, at the grocery store, in the park walking the dog or at the office printer, and that are about … nothingness itself.

Even those who say they hate these banal exchanges – which in the UK revolve mostly around the weather – admitted during the lockdown feeling sorry for their absence.

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