Saturday, May 27

Why the canned meat that gave rise to the term “spam” breaks sales records

Cans of Spam canned meat in a supermarket display case

Image source, Getty Images


This product became popular after World War II, when countries were trying to rebuild and food was scarce.

With more than eight decades in the market, canned meat brand Spam posted record sales in 2021 for the seventh year in a row.

The good performance of the company was highlighted by Jim Snee, president of Hormel Foods, the American company that owns the brand, in a press conference for investors, after the publication of the results of the group after the end of the October period.

The product, launched in 1937, became very popular with its customers for being relatively inexpensive and having a long life. During World War II it was distributed by the ton and was used to feed both American troops and European civilians from allied nations.

Spam was also highly consumed in the post-conflict years, when many countries were trying to rebuild and food was scarce.

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