Sunday, September 26

Why the exuberant geography of Colombia is both one of its greatest wealth and its worst misfortunes

  • Daniel Pardo
  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Colombia


Colombia is, without a doubt, a beauty. But it is also a geographical challenge.

There are those who say that God wanted to give Colombia a little bit of every aspect of nature.

Well then: it gave him three mountain ranges, four deserts, a tropical savannah, 42 rivers, four types of jungle and access to the two largest oceans in the world. There are 311 ecosystems here. And no other country has more moors or species of birds and orchids.

Only Brazil has more types of plants, amphibians, butterflies and freshwater fish. And although the South American giant has more living organisms in absolute terms, according to UN data, Colombia is the most biodiverse country in the world per square meter.

But just as geography provides ecological wealth, it has also played a central role in the tragedies in this country, the experts consulted by BBC Mundo agree.

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