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Why the ‘forensic’ to Bartomeu’s management has been made to beg?

  • The results of the internal investigation requested by Laporta to clarify the practices of the former Barça president will finally be made public on Tuesday, despite being finished for weeks

  • “They made half of Catalonia rich”, commented a manager close to the Barça president who has seen the papers that analyze the “unfortunate” management of ‘Barto’

One of the five vice presidents of the Barca He recently acknowledged to a board colleague, who was not involved in the matter, that the ‘forensic‘ (internal investigation carried out within a company to clarify certain issues or behavior at the request of the company itself or a third party linked to the company as a shareholder or member of the board) had shown “interesting things but, in no case, authentic economic scandalsas to carry Joseph Maria Bartomeu and his board to the courts”.

Another of those five vice presidents, this one much closer to the president’s ‘cabin’ or cabinet Joan Laportacommented to a friend: “I don’t know if we dare to use that research, which reveals bad practices and, above all, very little rigor in the way of keeping the club’s accounts, so that the club and/or the members want to file a lawsuit against the previous meeting, but it is clear that what the forensic has achieved will put them very red”.

“Irresponsible management”

And some member of the ‘cabin’ has dared these days to comment that “the management was regrettableincredibly irresponsiblebecause they made half of Catalonia rich”, in a clear indication that Bartomeu’s way of acting is full of payments, purchases and orders that either they could have been done for less money, or they could have been haggled, or they could have paid less people for the same thing.

Finally, next Tuesday the ‘forensic’ will be presented despite the fact that it has been completed for weeks, as revealed by Lluís Regàs, in information that appeared in ‘Culemania’, on December 24, 2021. The club also communicated after the meeting of the board of directors this Wednesday that “the actions already initiated by the club consisting of the filing of a complaint with the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona for facts that derive from the conclusions of the investigation will be reported”.

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The right time

All the sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO point out, with some logic, that if Laporta had been aware at that time that Bartomeu and his directors they had reached into the box or actually made scandalous operations, possibly criminal, it would not have taken 24 hours to publicly report the ‘forensic’ before Christmas.

Until today no one, absolutely no one at Barça, had given any explanation as to why this investigation, complementary to the famous Due diligence, that revealed the disastrous and chaotic economic state of the club (“1,350 million euros are owed”, announced the CEO Ferran Reverter), was still kept in the drawer of Laporta’s office, Reverter and, without a doubt, of Edward Romeu, the economic vice president. Whoever has asked with a small mouth has always obtained the same answer: “We have not yet found the right time to call the press conference to report, especially due to the serious restrictions caused by covid-19 “.

harsh criticism

We must not forget that in the period in which Laporta and Reverter communicated, with great fanfare, that the club was bankrupt and that the management of Bartomeu had had “a lack of total control and great improvisation”, shots were fired alarms within the Barça social mass.

In the last assembly, some partners demanded that Laporta take Bartomeu to court to clarify his disastrous economic management

What’s more, in the assembly of compromisers, the one that must have lasted several days to conscientiously approve the request for the loan for the ‘Espai Barça’, there were many members who, excited by the indignation and information provided by the president and the CEO, demanded, right there, that the board of ‘Barto’ be brought to the courts as a way, even, of demand by action of responsibility.

The critics to Laporta were very hard. “I have seen the numbers that they just showed us and I almost fell”, commented a compromisario. “President, go to judgment because we will accompany you!”, asserted a member, who received the ovation loudest of the day. And then another partner said: “JanI have the feeling that, when you deal with this topic, you give up”.

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That comment bothered Laporta a lot, who had repeatedly said that I would never be an accomplice of the management of the previous meeting and for that reason he answered: “I can assure you, Mr. tutusaus, that I do not give long. Only I would like to do it with absolute knowledge of cause. With all the evidence required by a court of law. We have detected behaviors that we don’t like and the forensic audits will tell us what kind of behaviors they are.”

locked up in a hotel

Employees who participated in the changeover after the elections, from the Management Commission chaired by the bankeror Carles Tusquets to the new board of directors of Laporta, they already informed the new managers when they transferred the documentation and closed all the departments of the entity that they would not find great scandals and much less “dead in the cupboards.”

A witness present at the trip that Barça made to Paris to face PSG, when Tusquets invited Laporta on that trip, assures that both presidents were “hours and hours” locked up in the Parisian hotel (“among other reasons because, due to covid-19, they could not leave the hotel”) exchanging documentation and opinions.

Not just hints

Bartomeu commented, two days ago, with one of his trusted friends, that he was “absolutely sure that nobody had touched the box and, in that sense, I am extremely calm”. And he told her more: “I’ve been wanting you to present all the documentsreports, ‘forensic’ and what have you, to put an end to all these insinuations”.

Those who have seen the documentation do not speak, no, only of advances. They talk about excessive payments, illogically divided invoices, hiring a multitude of law firms for a multitude of procedures, some of them very simple, they speak of excessive commissions and, without going any further, the famous and already paid public (it was uncovered by the program ‘Què T’hi Jugues’, from SER Catalunya) of 1.5 million euros at the Club Esportiu Laietà, neighbor of the Miniestadi, for damages that the demolition of that facility could cause to the tennis club. “That was scandalous, because we, who parked the cars next to the Mini, did not even have to pass the duster, because there was not a speck of dust after the explosions,” says a veteran employee of the Barça offices.

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tremendous outrage

It is evident and Laporta himself has acknowledged that he would only take the previous managers to court if he is clear about it, among other reasons because the current board don’t want to perpetuate this problem And, of course, you don’t want to lose your mind.

As EL PERIÓDICO has learned, Laporta himself, his directors and the executive team, which he leads Ferran Reverter, they have a lot of evidence, via letter, emails, twitters and other media, of the indignation that exists against Bartomeu in the Barça social mass. So much so that there have already been those who, in a very discreet and professional way, have let Laporta know that he should be very careful, tactful, wise and even mischief at the time, not only to report on the content of the ‘forensic’ but at the time of making known, if it does, what the club intends to do with all that information and if, as announced, it consults or not the partners the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the previous managers.

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The ace of partners

The most veterans and experts who still remain in the Barça offices remember that, as has happened on other occasions, the possibility should not be ruled out, in the event that Laporta and his board do not sue Bartomeu and its managers, that a social or group of partners (“now, with social networks it is a matter of minutes, of a few days, to collect signatures and unite hundreds of partners for such a cause”) ask Barça for the possibility of having the ‘forensic’ and present them the demandwhich would leave the new Laporta board in a difficult situation.

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