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Why the heck is Angelina Jolie in Marvel’s Eternals? | Films

THere’s something going on with Eternals, Oscar winner Chloé Zhao’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps it’s that this is one of the first MCU episodes to arrive almost fully formed, without endless teasing and character introductions during previous installments. Maybe it’s the way The last full trailer for August seemed to apologize for this in advance., explaining that Earth’s cosmic guardians hadn’t bothered to take down Thanos during the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame because an annoying unknown entity had told them not to. But most likely … wait, is this Angelina Jolie in a blonde wig and silver spandex?

Watch a trailer for Eternals.

Yes, the almost infinitely famous Jolie plays Thena, an elite eternal warrior who can fashion any weapon from pure cosmic energy. And why not? Because if there is a more suitable human to play a divine, beautiful otherworldly creature that has lived for over 7,000 years (but not aged), I have yet to meet them.

And yet, Jolie is an outlier in the Marvel universe, a star so bright that she doesn’t need the power of any studio to propel her through the Hollywood cosmos. Marvel doesn’t need her either, as she has turned the strangers, past, and rapidly escalated into A-listers on her 20-movie journey.

Jolie, however, is more like a AAA list, so famous that it is hardly possible to distinguish the character from the actor anymore.

She is not Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man, an actor trying to rebuild his career after escaping everyone’s radar for a few years. She is not Glenn Close in Guardians of the Galaxy, a veteran who plays her fantasy role as a connoisseur semi-cameo, aware that everyone knows who she is, but is happy to suspend disbelief because it is so nice to see her landscape chewing. like a rude. in natty blue spacesuit. This is Angelina Jolie, for crying out loud! These days, for her to disappear on paper would require special effects geniuses to digitally disintegrate her at a subatomic level and reconstruct her from pixels made from cherry blossoms. And even then we would still see Jolie on screen.

Why is she in Eternals? Did we accidentally tune in to a DC movie trailer by mistake? It would make perfect sense for Jolie to appear as a magical mer-titan in an upcoming Aquaman sequel, or perhaps in a Batman movie as the object of Bruce Wayne’s affection. After all, Nicole Kidman has done both, and is almost as illustrious a screen presence as Jolie. But no, Eternals is definitely a Marvel movie – they branded Thanos’s name.

Could it be that despite her incredible celebrity, Jolie needs the Disney-owned studio after all? Her efforts at the high-profile Maleficent films didn’t receive much love from critics, and she hasn’t recently thrived on the low-key dramatic fare.

If this were an episode of Entourage, the classic 2000s television show about an actor trying to make it big in Hollywood, starring in a Marvel movie is exactly the kind of stunt Jeremy Piven’s super agent Ari Gold would try to pull off. to achieve the success of your client. race back on track. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less weird for Jolie to be in this movie. She has the power to knock everyone else off the screen, but currently never does.

However, if Marvel can adopt Jolie and further her career to the point where, a decade from now, we consider her to be one of the main protagonists of the superhero mega saga, this could be the most impressive maneuver since Tony Stark invented. time travel. using plastic wrap and an algebra textbook.

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