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Why the realme Book Prime is a fearsome ultralight laptop for its rivals, even for Apple

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We tell you why the new realme laptop that is already sold in Spain is one of the best options if you are looking for a versatile and powerful PC.

If there is a brand that has increased its bet in recent years, that is Realme, which already sells dozens of products in Spain, gradually shortening the space between its catalog and that of other manufacturers, especially Xiaomi.

One of its latest releases is a laptop, the realme Book Primewhich is sold under that name and that we were able to test with excellent results, with an 11th Generation Intel Core i5 processor and an official price of 1,099 euros, although there are stores that sell it for less, such as 999 euros from Amazon or the 949 euros from PcComponentes.

It has many arguments to convince potential buyers, especially for those who are looking for a Windows laptop that is powerful and weighs very little, and that is that we are talking about an ultrabook that can put other manufacturers in trouble, including Apple, although they compete by very different users.

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As it is sold in Spain, shipping is already free, and not only that, but it comes with a QWERTY keyboard in Spanish with the Ñ key, something that most Chinese brand laptops do not offer.

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We have compiled some of the reasons why this computer is quite worth it.

  1. More than enough power for day to day
  2. Spectacular 2K display
  3. Ultra light and ultra thin
  4. Top-notch sound for calls and video calls
  5. With the new Windows as standard

More or less power: with 8 or 16 GB of RAM for less than 1,000 euros

realme Book Prime on PC Components

This model is for sale in several versions, but all of them come with the Intel Core i5-11320H, a high-performance, not low-power chip as usual in ultrabook laptops.

This means that it gives an important plus of power when running demanding applications, such as editing applications, and partly explains why it is somewhat more expensive than low-cost models of laptops that are around 500-600 euros.

In addition, you can choose between 8 and 16 GB of RAM, depending on whether you want even more power in exchange for paying a little more.

2K screen with use of 90% of the front

The screen is one of the reasons why the realme Book Prime is worth it, and that is that with a 3:2 format (that of Apple’s MacBook) and 2K resolution it offers top-notch quality.

In addition, it has a 90% use of the front, so the frames are very thin and that gives it a premium touch that is consistent with its price.

It is, for example, one of the features boasted by the new MacBook with M1.

Only 1.38 kg in weight and 14.9 mm in thickness

realme Book Prime on Amazon

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There is no doubt that the weight of this computer is outstanding, just 1.38 kg, and that its screen size is 14 inches and not 13.3″ as usual.

In addition, the thickness makes it barely noticeable if you carry it in your backpack or bag, so it is an ideal option for students and workers with high mobility.

With a metallic finish in different colors, it also offers aesthetic options to everyone’s taste.

surround sound

Laptops have improved a lot in terms of power, weight or design, but sound is usually a pending issue for almost everyone.

They no longer sound “canned” but the clarity leaves a lot to be desired, and that is a problem in the age of teleworking and constant video calls.

The realme Book Prime has two HARMAN speakers with surround sound which in theory should fix this problem and well fixed.

With Windows 11 as the operating system

It goes without saying that the fact that it comes with a pre-installed operating system is always a plus, since it saves you the cumbersome process of installing it yourself.

In this case it is Windows 11, the new Microsoft OS that comes with important new features, especially aesthetics and efficiency.

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