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Why to lose weight it is better not to eliminate sweets altogether

One of the premises of the diets to lose weight is to consume a certain amount of calories per day, being strict with some groups of foods that could cause problems in the process. Several of these foods could be the sweets.

However, certain aspects must be taken into account so as not to eliminate them completely from our diet.

Why is calorie counting not necessary

In diets, you generally tend to count calories to control what we eat. But this calorie count is not necessary, depending on Life Hacker.

Eating a balanced diet is also about consuming sweets. Source: Pixabay

In essence, a person needs on average 2500 calories daily. If we reduce this amount to lose weight, there may be certain functions of our body are altered.

It is best to have a food base around this amount of calories. But what happens if we exceed the recommended daily amount?

Well the question is in the Balance. If we want to lose weight, we will maintain a base diet, and one daily exercise routine It will not only help you lose weight, it will also help maintain good health.

What about the sweets?

It is true that eat candies, baked goods and other foods can affect weight. But it is not necessary eliminate them altogether. What is recommended, rather, is reduce or moderate its consumption.

It is true that, due to the pandemic of COVID, and due to the measures of lockdown, we can have anxiety, and this anxiety, in many cases, we can calm it eating.

This leads to a possible weight gain. In this case, if we suffer from binge eating For anxiety, we must seek specialized help.

Eating healthy, the key to weight control

The best diet is to eat food healthy and do it in a balanced way. We must devise a plan at home to consume different foods that provide us with Energy necessary and help control our weight.

In this sense, we can give priority to vegetables and fruits; If we feel that we want to eat out of hours, it is recommended to have some fruit or energy bars. The nuts they are also a good option.

On the other hand, to avoid get sick and keep our immune system strong, let’s look for foods that help to improve it.

Even though we can’t leaving home, we can do exercise without going to a gym. Just need discipline and plan routines that we can do at home.

Healthy eating and constant exercise will help control stress levels and it will prevent us from binge eating.

And the sweets?

You can use sweeteners to continue consuming sweet foods in your diet. Source: Unsplash

We said that, on average, we need 2,500 calories a day. Well, among these we can include, from time to time, sweets, cakes and others desserts. Of course, we must consume it in moderation.

If you suffer from diabetes, try to use sweetener products that do not affect your health. We should not give ourselves a bad life for wanting to lose weight.

We can, from time to time, indulge ourselves in eating something tasty that makes us happy and that we can enjoy together with our loved ones.

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