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Why We Are Unable To Produce Vitamins And 3 Other Things That Are Rarely Told About Them

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The exploration of California took months and the sailors began to suffer “the horrible disease of the ships”.

At the beginning of the 17th century, Fray Antonio de la Ascensión lived through hell and witnessed a miracle.

He had been appointed by the Count of Monterrey as cosmographer of a maritime expedition to discover California, which sailed from the port of Acapulco in May 1602. A few months later, the crew began to suffer “the horrible disease of the ships.”

According to their travel report, they had “spots, inflammation of the gums, which prevented eating anything, pimples on the skin, swelling of the knees, which made it impossible to move the legs.”

All this accompanied by “a universal pain of the whole body”. “And it is so glassy, ​​and sensitive, that anything that is touched causes so much pain, that if it is not shouting, and voices, you cannot have rest,” he adds.

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