Friday, January 21

Why we develop allergies and why some go away on their own

  • Maria Teresa Villalba Diaz
  • The Conversation*

Woman sneezing

Image source, Getty Images

Allergy is one of the most frequent chronic immunological disorders in the world today and can start in the first months of life or appear unexpectedly during adulthood. On the occasion of World Allergy Day, we will see why it occurs so suddenly.

They occur because the immune system reacts against a substance that for most of the population is harmless.

Allergies are caused by a huge variety of substances, both biological and synthetic. The most common sources of sensitization are pollens, food, mites, animal skin, insect poisons, and drugs.

When the immune system works well, our defenses attack invading microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria, and destroy them. But in the case of allergy, the immune system misidentifies proteins that are present in the skin of a pet or in a food in perfect condition.

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