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Why we sometimes feel shaky after exercising

To feel tremors in the body after doing physical exercise does not happen every time we train, as indicated Healthline, but this does not mean that it is a circumstance that arouses concern in some people.

Here are some reasons behind the post-earthquake tremors. exercise. Being aware of its causes will help you identify how serious or not they can be for your health.

Muscular fatigue

Muscle fatigue is a very common cause of tremors that follow physical exercise. Some of the most common signs that betray its existence are the muscle weakness, low energy levels, and feeling sore.

Muscle fatigue manifests itself when we work our muscles to their maximum capacityBut this does not mean that the muscles always end up trembling after an intense exercise session.

Maintain a muscle in one position

Keep our muscles in a single position for a prolonged period it can also induce some tremors on the muscle in question.

This occurs due to the activity of motor units; some of them are usually activated only to perform very powerful movements. If they stay in one position for a long time, they will deliver more strength, resulting in these well-known tremors.


Muscles use glucose as their fuel, and that fuel is depleted while we exercise, especially if we exercise vigorously for a certain period of time. This can lead to low blood sugar levels, i.e. hypoglycemia.

The muscles will start to tremble if they run out of energy, indicating a state of weakness that should lead to stop or decrease the intensity of the exercise you are doing.


Staying hydrated is an important factor in stabilizing our levels of electrolytes, what control the functions of the nerves and muscles.

Hydration is of the utmost importance when doing physical activities. Source: Pixabay

Performing high intensity exercises will make us sweat a lot and lose water in our body, which also happens if we exercise outside on a sunny day. Both situations can lead us to suffer from dehydration.

Being dehydrated can make us susceptible to suffering tremors in our muscles, but also cramps of different levels of severity.

High coffee consumption

There are people who like to drink coffee shortly before exercising to feel a little more energetic. The same applies with caffeine supplements and sports drinks, which are useful to empower us before our routine.

It is important to note, however, that high caffeine consumption can induce tremors in the body, mainly in the limbs and hands.

As you can see, these are causes that you could promptly address for prevent them from developing as major health problems. Each one is susceptible to different strategies, you just have to find the most suitable for your case.

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