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Why WhatsApp will be useful for customer service

75% of adults want to be able to communicate with companies the same way they communicate with their friends, through instant messaging. Therefore, it is estimated that 80% of companies will use platforms like WhatsApp to improve customer service in 2025.

As a result, service organizations will increasingly retire native mobile apps in favor of messaging platforms. What shows a failure of the efforts used by many companies to offer their own service.

“Third-party instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have already been widely accepted in the global market, which makes them ideal for companies to offer their services,” explains Jaime Navarro, CEO of Gus, the second Spanish company to achieve be part of the global club of WhatsApp Official Business Solution Providers.

Customer service with instant messaging

With organizations withdrawing from native mobile apps in favor of messaging platforms, users get self-service focused on customer interaction and engagement. In addition, the companies themselves manage to reduce costs and be more efficient digitally.

In fact, those who can’t find a way to connect with people through a messaging solution at scale risk missing out, as 5 billion people around the world use instant messaging.

Why WhatsApp will be the ideal tool for customer service

Among the public’s greatest concerns is the guarantee of receiving good service, and their greatest disenchantment occurs when they do not receive sufficient information about it. In fact, according to a study carried out by Facebook, in 2020, 75% of adults said they wanted to be able to communicate with companies in the same way that they communicate with their friends or family through instant messaging.

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But not everything is focused on customer service, platforms of this type such as Whatsapp Business offer their customers services such as paying for products and services from the application, booking, canceling or modifying business appointments, qualifying leads, receiving reminders, etc.

In a channel that invites dialogue, WhatsApp Business with the help of companies like Gus helps its clients get closer to users with two-way conversations that offer the intimacy of a phone call at the scale of email and SMS.

The app interface has built-in user feedback controls, helping to ensure engagement stays high over time, and features features that create richer, more enjoyable experiences that help drive business results for everyone. customers.

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