Friday, January 21

Why Women In China Don’t Want To Have Children

woman and baby

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About 12 million babies were born in China last year, the lowest number since the 1960s.

The last population census from China, the only one made in 10 years and published at the beginning of the month, shows that births fell to lowest level since 1960s. Given this, there are those who have asked to end the birth control policies. But others they think that that’s not the only thing that isá braking.

Despite being annoyed by her mother about the matter, Lili *, who resides in Beijing, does not plan to have children anytime soon.

The 31-year-old has been married for two years and says she wants to “live her life” without the “constant worries” of raising a child.

“I have very few acquaintances who have children, and if they do, they are obsessed with getting the best babysitter or enrolling them in the best schools. It sounds exhausting.”

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