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Why working against your own biological clock can lead to heart problems

As you work more than necessary, and above all, going against the biological clock, increase the chances of suffering from a heart problem. This is due to disturbed sleep and other unhealthy behaviors.

Effects of work on the biological clock

In Europe, 20% of workers work unusual hours, taking atypical hours, and scientific evidence, according to what was published in Devdiscourse, has been shown to be associated with serious cardiovascular problems.

The point is that all human beings possess an internal biological clock that makes people feel alert from early and sleepy at night, while there are others in which the opposite happens.

biological clock
Health experts emphasize the need to pay attention to your circadian cycles. Photo: Shutterstock

However, due to the rhythm of work that many people have, the circadian cycle suffers an imbalance. This occurs when the body wants or demands rest, but social or work obligations are imposed on this physical need.

In this sense, if someone feels sleepy during a certain hour of the night but cannot sleep due to work, they are throwing off their circadian cycle. This was determined by a study conducted in Portugal.

In this sense, working hours at times when rest is required, like night shifts, for example, interfere with the biological clock.

How the heart system alters work

A study conducted in a manual labor factory included 301 workers. The shifts ranged between 6 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon; from 3 in the afternoon to 9 at night; and from 9 at night to 6 in the morning.

In addition to filling out a form where they specified, among other things, their occupational factors and lifestyle, they also blood pressure and cholesterol levels were measured.

Factors such as health problems, smoking and alcohol were taken into account. Half of the participants were found to have high cholesterol, and 10% had hypertension.

About 40% sleep 6 hours or less during work days. About 20% of the people who participated in the study are at risk of developing a heart problem.

This study is one of many that helps scientists determine the relationship between work and the disruption of the biological clock with the heart related diseases.

Also, bad habits, like drinking alcohol or smoking to stay awake they are factors that also enhance these problems. That is why it is important to be careful with the type of work and the time that is dedicated to it.

To avoid these types of problems, therefore, it is necessary to have a good diet, get enough rest and exercise regularly.

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