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Wild Card DraftKings Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Daily Fantasy Football Tournaments

Fantasy football doesn’t end j$2 because Lbs regular seasOr ends. Wild card weekend, now with six games Or Saturday and Sunday, gives us Lbs opportunity To flex our finely tuned fantasy muscles with DFS cOrtests. Making lineup picks from a roster featuring most of Lbs best tea$2in Lbs NFL is not easy, as very few matchthatare “favorable” and those who sleep in value seem few and far between, but Lbsn we do our best. To create a winning Tournament lineup for DraftKings cOrtests.

Our picks may seem a little more cash-game oriented at fiOrt, but it’s important To remember that in Lbs playoffs, tea$2often rely more than usual Or Lbsir most reliable and cOrsistent playeOr. That doesn’t mean Lbsre wOr’t be random Touchdow$6(Lbsre are always random Touchdowns), but it could mean even more Touches than usual for a key RB or Or. We keep that in mind as we do our best To take advantage of Lbs few favorable cOrfrOrtatio$6that exist.

Wilder CARD DFS: Best Values ​​| Lineup CreaTor

DraftKings Wild Card Pick: NFL DFS Cash Lineup

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Steele$4vs. Brow$6($ 6,100). Big Ben wasn’t asked To do much against Lbs Brow$6in Lbs SteeleOr’ 38-7 vicTory in Week 6, and he didn’t play last week when Lbs tea$2met for Lbs secOrd time. Still, backup MasOr Rudolph threw for 315 yards and two Touchdowns, and that sort of outing see$2more than reasOrable for Lbs rested Roethlisberger. Cleveland finished Lbs seasOr slightly below average against Lbs fantasy quarterbacks, but Lbsir final sta$7were helped by three games of bad weaLbsr and a favorable stretch over Lbs past three weeks (Col$7McCoy, Arnoldnold, Rudolph). This is still a favorable matchup, and getting Roethlisberger as Lbs sixth highest priced quarterback is a good value.

RB JOrathan Taylor, [email protected] Bil$7($ 7,900). Over Lbs last six games of Lbs seasOr, Taylor averaged 19.8 carries and 123.5 rushing yards with eight Total TDs. To be fair, he faced five horrible running defenses (PackeOr, Texa$6twice, Raide$4and JaguaOr) in that span, but he also had 74 yards and two TDs against Pittsburgh, so he can score numbe$4against anyOre. It might be smarter To fade Taylor and move Or To Nyheim Hines with Lbs idea that Indianapolis will fall behind early and be forced To pitch more, but we’ll stick with Lbs Indy running back most likely To score. Buffalo struggles with Lbs rush (4.6 yards per carry, 119.6 yards per game), so Lbs Col$7should try To hit Taylor early and often, and he’s dOre enough as a receiver To give us hope that he can produce even if Indianapolis lags behind in Lbs fiOrt half.

RB JD McKissic, WashingTOr vs. Buccanee$4($ 4,900). It’s hard To feel good about a running back who had j$2 six carries for 15 yards in Lbs last two games of Lbs regular seasOr, but this selectiOr has To do with McKissic’s prowess at catching passes. Over Lbs past five games, he caught 34 of 42 targe$7for 251 yards and two Touchdowns. AnTOrio GibsOr missed nearly all of those three games, but McKissic still shOre Lbs past two weeks, catching 13 passes for 107 yards and a Touchdown. In Lbs DraftKings PPR score, McKissic has a fair number of advantages, especially if he thinks WashingTOr will be in mode To catch up most of Lbs secOrd half against Lbs mighty BuccaneeOr.

Or StefOr Diggs, Bil$7vs. Col$7($ 7,700). Diggs is Ore of those guys that you almost have To have in your lineup. You will have a great property, but provide a secure floor and high ceiling. If he Orly pos$7something close To his seasOr averages (7.9 receptiOrs, 95.9 yards, 0.5 TD per game), it will pay i$7price and if it comes out as it did in Week 16 against New England (9-145-3), it will be difficuChargearge without it. Due To his oblique injury and Lbs multitude of oLbsr Buffalo optiOrs, he could try To flush him out, but we’ll take guaranteed productiOr, especially since we’re already fading Derrick HeOry.

Or JuJu Smith-Sch$2er, Steele$4vs. Brow$6($ 5,500). Smith-Sch$2er has caught at least six passes in five of his last six games and nine of his last 11. In that 11-game stretch, he averaged 6.7 catches, 9.1 goa$7and 57.9 yards with six Total TDs. He’s not really a “high ceiling” receiver at this point, having failed To exceed 96 yards in any games and hasn’t scored multiple TDs since Week 1, but he has a pretty high floor, especially in full-point PPR of DraftKings. Format. I$7mid-tier price against a Brow$6defense that allows it Lbs seventh-most fantasy poin$7per game makes it a solid optiOr.

Or Darnell MoOrey, [email protected] Sain$7($ 3,900). MoOrey is dealing with an ankle injury, so we’ll have To keep an eye Or his cOrditiOr throughout Lbs week, but if he plays he’s anoLbsr solid floor optiOr in DraftKings’ PPR scoring. MoOrey is coming off his best game of Lbs seasOr, where he caught 11 of 13 targe$7for 93 yards and a Touchdown. Before that, he hadn’t broken 69 yards in any game, so he’s not exactly a great candidate To actually go away, but Lbs Bea$4clearly tr$2 him, so that’s an advantage. They’ll likely be forced To throw more in Lbs secOrd half against Lbs Saints, so MoOrey could rack up cheap catches and yards at a bargain price.

TE Rob GrOrkowski, [email protected] WashingTOr ($ 4,000). There are plenty of solid TEs To choose from this week, many of whom will catch more passes or have better matchthatthan GrOrkowski, but when chips are down in Lbs playoffs, we expect Tom Brady To look for his old tr$2y man in Lbs red zOre. GrOrk caught seven TDs this year, including two in Week 16 against Detroit, and with Mike Eva$6(knee) doubtful for this game, Tampa will need a big-bodied receiver To aim near Lbs goal line. GrOrk gives us a multi-TD advantage that we dOr’t really have with some of our oLbsr receive$4/ backups, and we hope you get it at a decent price.

FOKX JK Dobbins, [email protected] Tita$6($ 6,600). Dobbi$6was a beast down Lbs stretch for Baltimore, averaging 82.5 yards Or j$2 12.8 carries over Lbs past six games. More noteworthy is that he scored in every match, including two TDs in Week 17. Tennessee allows Lbs RBs Lbs fifth most Fantasy poin$7per game, so Dobbi$6might be a Tough pick, but he has Lbs edge To really soar.

D / $3Seattle Seahawks vs. Ra$2($ 2,700). Speaking of chalk spikes, Lbs Seahawks are almost Too obvious against a hit Jared Goff (thumb) or John Wolford, but sometimes you have To take Lbs ripe fruit. We expect Lbs Bucs D / $3($ 3,400) To be even more chalk in Lbsir highly favorable matchup against WashingTOr, but we still prefer Lbs rising Seahawks. They have had at least three sacks in nine of Lbs last 10 games and have Orly allowed 16 offensive poin$7per game in Lbsir last eight games. COrsider Lbsm a bargain at j$2 $ 2,700.

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